Bash head with rock

Next time I think I'm strong I will do that. Cause I am not.
Warmed up with some cals and light cleans then some light presses.
95x3 good, 115x3 great, 125x3 catchy but motored through unimpaired.
Keeping weight on heels, getting under the bar no sticking point, knees and hips firmly locked out.
135 fail. Bar out in front, eye level, three or four inches away from my face, way too far to get past that sticky middle of the press.
Good with the bad my previous 1RM is now my 3RM so I took it and moved on.
Deadlift protocol 10,7,4 at 205,225,235 the 15 at 185 for my first attempt at a 15RM (should have pulled more).
Did "Annie" for my METCON RXed in 11:54 (PR)
28 Double Unders in a row for a solid and happy new straight up double under PR on the round of 30.
6 rounds of 10 second L sits and 3x10 hip extensions on the GHD.


Adam Brigges said...


It sounds like you are coming along brother! I have been reading your blog and I am stoked to see that you are starting to move more weight! Is the milk working for you?

Anonymous said...

I cannot be sure. I am getting eight hours a night. I have few distractions. So I cannot isolate what it is.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007