Back on the pain train

Falling off the wagon is hard to halt and reverse... I suffer from wagon falling and backsliding at times. Times like this weekend where the trip to CF BWI for the MAHC and a short jet to Philly cause much too much food binge and much too little working out when I should have been finishing my first week of CFSB.

Back at it:
Front Squats 3x5 185, 205F, 190PR
~5min rest
row for cals
55lb American KB swings
Toes to Bar
I practiced double unders until I hit a PR of 23 in a row! 23!?!?!?!
Sit Ups, H2H KB drills for a few, then called it a night.
Back on the wagon indeed.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007