Another day, another buck o'five

Freedom is not free, it comes with a price the protected never know.
That price is $1.05.
Now you know.

SB week two begins.
25 rep warm up: double unders, hip extensions, dips, 24 inch box jumps.
Back Squat 3x5, 225,235PR done
10 rounds 12 pull ups 12 burpees in 17:48.
Hard to get motovated, took all 10 sets of burpees unbroken, all but first set of pull-ups in two sets of six. Tore open a massive rip on the right palm mid round 7.
This almost took me out of the game, it did take me out of the moment for a good amount of time. Then I figured it was already bleeding and just got back on the bar.
That is what men do. We forge ahead through the blood despite pain, or fear, or nerves. Press on, it is what you just dig deep and do.
Tended my wound and headed home with no gymnastic practice.

I would tear a palm two days before going to CF Apex.
Damn $1.05...

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007