Deadlift #3

Week three, day two. Back at CF 949.
Ran about 1k for warm up with some dynamic stretching before/after.
Deadlift 3x5, 240,275,310
I loaded up strategically and hit 310, which unbeknownst to me was NOT a PR. Turns out I looked back to far and thought I was trying to top 305 so I shot too low (315 is my PR.) It did feel easy, too easy.

100 pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats in 22:24 (I think) This felt like death after the deadlifting.

Came home and fed the pups. Who then passed the F*&K out and proceeded to fart loudly in their sleep. WOot, or pooooht rather...


Day 1 week three of strong medicine

Warm-up & dynamic stretching.
50 double unders

Back Squats, 5x185lbs, 5x225lbs, 5x245lbs (previous 3RM was 230) 5RM PR

3 rounds for time:
250m Row
25 reps 75lbs hang power snatch
25 30 inch box jumps

3x10 30 second handstand holds, GHD sit-ups
50 double unders


Natty Boh'Zo

Energy levels haven't really been up there since the beer on Saturday, but I can't piss and moan too hard because they were yummy. I didn't match my 3RM from last week, which I felt slightly shitty over, but I'm past it.

Dynamic warm-ups, 50 double unders.

Press, 10x45, 3x105,3x125,2 attempts for 3x135-1 rep, 2nd failed both times at eye level. I let the bar get too far out and couldn't get under it.

15x225(15RM PR)

Handstands against the wall hold for awhile x5.

150x20lb wallballs for time: 10:58, lets be honest, lots of sitting on my ass. No PR by a long shot.

50 double unders
3x10 GHD sit-ups


Holla fer a'dollah

Warm-Up, dips, GHD sit ups, 45lb bar snatch
100 double unders for time

Front Squat: 3x5, 165, 195(5lb PR) and quit as per CFSB. Not sure if this is a good thing to relish or a bad thing I'm jumping on too early. A PR is a PR, so I'll take it.

15->20 rep effort: 6 at 205lb, 6 at 190, fail.

21,15,9 reps of
OHS @95lbs and burpees in 7:43

Then 100 double unders and some static stretches.


Taking an easy Friday

Did the strength component only of CFSBweek2day2 today;
Deadlift 3x5
225, 265,315PR 5RM
Last week I did 315 for a 3RM PR, so wooo is in order. wooo.
In prep for a long weekend I am forgoing the 15 min METCON.
Tomorrow is CrossFit Fort Meade CF Fundamentals class at 1300 there at CFFM, after which I go to Fredericksburg VA for a Halloween bash, need a costume :-/


Another day, another buck o'five

Freedom is not free, it comes with a price the protected never know.
That price is $1.05.
Now you know.

SB week two begins.
25 rep warm up: double unders, hip extensions, dips, 24 inch box jumps.
Back Squat 3x5, 225,235PR done
10 rounds 12 pull ups 12 burpees in 17:48.
Hard to get motovated, took all 10 sets of burpees unbroken, all but first set of pull-ups in two sets of six. Tore open a massive rip on the right palm mid round 7.
This almost took me out of the game, it did take me out of the moment for a good amount of time. Then I figured it was already bleeding and just got back on the bar.
That is what men do. We forge ahead through the blood despite pain, or fear, or nerves. Press on, it is what you just dig deep and do.
Tended my wound and headed home with no gymnastic practice.

I would tear a palm two days before going to CF Apex.
Damn $1.05...


Bash head with rock

Next time I think I'm strong I will do that. Cause I am not.
Warmed up with some cals and light cleans then some light presses.
95x3 good, 115x3 great, 125x3 catchy but motored through unimpaired.
Keeping weight on heels, getting under the bar no sticking point, knees and hips firmly locked out.
135 fail. Bar out in front, eye level, three or four inches away from my face, way too far to get past that sticky middle of the press.
Good with the bad my previous 1RM is now my 3RM so I took it and moved on.
Deadlift protocol 10,7,4 at 205,225,235 the 15 at 185 for my first attempt at a 15RM (should have pulled more).
Did "Annie" for my METCON RXed in 11:54 (PR)
28 Double Unders in a row for a solid and happy new straight up double under PR on the round of 30.
6 rounds of 10 second L sits and 3x10 hip extensions on the GHD.


Back on the pain train

Falling off the wagon is hard to halt and reverse... I suffer from wagon falling and backsliding at times. Times like this weekend where the trip to CF BWI for the MAHC and a short jet to Philly cause much too much food binge and much too little working out when I should have been finishing my first week of CFSB.

Back at it:
Front Squats 3x5 185, 205F, 190PR
~5min rest
row for cals
55lb American KB swings
Toes to Bar
I practiced double unders until I hit a PR of 23 in a row! 23!?!?!?!
Sit Ups, H2H KB drills for a few, then called it a night.
Back on the wagon indeed.


G.I. Randy Jane

That's what I'm calling it.
My recent deep dive toward self-immolation.

GI Jane is 100 burpee-pull ups for time
Randy is a hero WOD to honor a fallen LA SWAT sergeant, 75lb power snatch at 75lbs.

Today I did 10 rounds, for time, of 7 power snatches at 75lbs and 10 burpee pull ups, finished by the missing 5 power snatches.


Small rip on one hand from the very slick and shiney bars.
Many small tears in lungs and soul, from the crushing feeling in my lungs and legs as I ground through all ten sets. My mind resisted so much, I kept wanting to change it to 7 rounds, or amrap in 10 minutes, or anything but what I set out to do. Before I knoew it I had pressed on. The bar called a siren's song which felt like home, lifting my up after every time I dropped into the burpee. In my mind's eye getting over the bar meant getting 'home' to where I belong.
Felling like up and over the bar is home, now that is a sickness. For that twenty minutes it was home. Throwing myself under one bar, pulling myself up and over another. Nothing mattered but the bar. Get under it, stand! Get on it, pull! drop! again!
CrossFit is gonna kill me, but it has saved my life.



Day two of CFSB at Bolling XFit.
3x3 Deadlifts when 275, then 315 ripped off the ground like it was my job, I got bold but 330 only came up about an inch before the world started going black at the edges, 325 did the same and I had to lay down, 310 wouldn't budge so I just figured I bit off too much too soon and called it.
After ~5 min did "Elizabeth" RX weight but power cleans due to a BS rule in the base gym about dropping the bumper plates on the rubber floors in the CrossFit room. SOme asshole just don't get it, ever.
Played around for about ~20 with skin the cats, inversion, EROM HSPU with blue bands, and double unders.
Coached another gym patron through FRAN. He did it Rxed in 12 and change.


Strong Medicine Begins Today

Today I started CF Strength Bias.
Week One, Day One.
Thorough warm-up included; double unders, GHD sit ups, dips, 2x3 barbell back squats
3x5 Back Squat 185, 205, 225
There were some tough sticking points in set 2 &3, which surprised me since I had done 3x235 last week.
After about five minues rest and putting up the weights did a chipper:
50 Lunges (steps)
20 Pull Ups
50 20″ Box Jumps
20 Dumbbell Squat Cleans (20/35)
50 Swings (55/35)
20 Knees to Elbows Toes to Bar
50 Sit Ups
50 Body Weight Squats
in 16:06 (slightly longer than the CFSB recommended >15 min metcon, but whose fault is that)

Finished with a light bit of gymnastics practice and static PNF stretches.
Hips are tight and hurty from all the sitting to get out here.


Tues & Weds at the 949

Tuesday Oct 6th
3 Rounds for time of:
Run 800 Meters
15 Pull Ups
15 Ring Push Ups
14:02, pretty nice runs, hammered all three rounds unbroken, used my grips, hands are still cracked from Murph.

Wednesday the 7th
Adam's Birthday Ball Buster
For time:
21 - 15 - 9 Repetitions of:
Row (for calories)
Deadlift (250/155#)
AS RXED which was a heavy DL for a METCON to me. Stuggled to get even 7 in a row, mostly 2-4 reps at a time but I went through every set of burpees unstopped and managed to keep my s/m rate at 25-27 throughout.


BS & stuff

Back Squats, 3,3,3,3,3
155x5,175x5, then 215,225,235F,235,245F,240F
Followed by 5 rounds for time of:
200m sprint
15x1.5 pood KB swings


Murph then rest

Did Murph with a flak jacket for the first time on Friday at the gym.
50:54, PR for the vest without SAPI plates--tore hands for the first time in a long time. Almost quit. That WOD is the only WOD to ever make me hurl.

On a side note: Alcohol is the devil--leading to two days of rest.


Wow--missed a lot of entries...

Its been so long since I blogged. Cause I suck mainly...
A week before and after FGB4 has gone by, so here goes:
Mon: Rest
Tues 22 Sept: Nicole pull ups, 22,22,15,13,10,8,13 +~200m
Weds 23: 1 mile in 6:53 (long) Push press up to 160
Sat the 26th: FGB at 322 RXed
Mon the 28th: Nasty Girls in *:15 (~2min PR!)
Tues: 9 rds 6 135# SDLHP & 9 hollow rock in ~10:50

Thurs TODAY the 1st of Oct:
Front squats 1-1-1-1-1 the 15 min AMRAP 10 ring push ups & 10 20# wallball
185-195-205-215-220F then 12 rds+1 RXed

Feel good, the 0600 class isnt working for me, I like the 4:30 and should try to do some 1200's. Working to eat more greens and not so much fruit. Had pizza twice this week as well...

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007