Saturday, but not in the park... and it wasn't 4th of July...

4 rounds for time:
400m run carrying 1x20lb DB
9 burpees
6 250lb tire flips


Welcome back Mr Cart-teeerr...

Monday night:
10 minute lap swim in the hotel 25m pool
21,15,9 115lb SDLHP & 20lb wallball
Taught 5:30 pose skill class and 6:30 class
For time-3 rounds 500m row, 7 muscle ups, 12x24kg KB Snatch, followed by 1 mile run in 16:08 (I think...)
Time for some weekend.


Buddy Team Skirmish Gone Bad

Teams of two, 1 working at a time, completes the following:
150 wallball at 20lbs
150 box jumps 20 inch box
150 push press at 75lbs
150 sumo deadlift high pulls at 75lbs
150 calories on the rower

Days off vs days on

Not always feeling on, sometimes the rest is better for me anyway.
Wednesday and Thursday were days off.
Friday 9/11 we did:
9 rounds for time
11 medicime ball cleans
20 walking lnges
01 x225lb deadlift
in 15:10


Labor Day WOD

400 pull ups
500 wall balls
600 push ups
700 double unders

Team of 8 completed in ~44 minutes.
Quite a horrible day of work.


Good ole CF Oldtown spirit

Another day another affiliate. This time it was CFO in Alexandria,VA.
Helen with Dan Wilson, USMC.


Back in BWI

Ryan was good enough to host me today for a visit for max rounds DeadLift:
warmed w/185 then 225, the singles up to 325, highest DL since Jan 2008, failed at 330, my mythical previous 1RM. I will catch you again 330! And I will PR higher!!!
We ended with 3 rounds NFT:
10 ice cream scoops
10 skin the cats
10 pistols

I drove back through the beltway ending up tight and tired, now to bed with me.


Scott & 'Liv

Saw Scott and Olivia today in Fredericksburg, VA. Went to RARE CrossFit then indian food. Hope I don't regret that in the morning.
21,15,9,15,21 rep rounds of
75lb thruster
75lb sumo deadlift highpull
bought a great t-shirt which bears the words "FIT AS ****", love it.

Mondays, Tuesdays, what a day...

Friday killed me.
I had taken off for a groin strain issue I didn't want to underheal. I resumed working out after 3 days of rest and a massage.
12 rounds of 12 ring dips 12 95lb thrusters
I DNF'd on rep 1 of round 12.
Shoulders hurt so bad I couldn't lok out.
What a puss, right?
So Monday, I am in the National Capitol Region at Potomac CrossFit. Graciously Brian Wilson is letting me train here this week.
Last night:
For time:
15 Dips
15 Chest to Overhead, 115/95 lbs
12 Dips
12 Chest to Overhead, 115/95 lbs
9 Dips
9 Chest to Overhead, 115/95 lbs
6 Dips
6 Chest to Overhead, 115/95 lbs
3 Dips
3 Chest to Overhead, 115/95 lbs
As Rx'ed in 6:57 great feeling WOD, even with tight shoulders.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007