We beat everybody (sometimes).

Saturday was a nice turn of events. Tiffany and I went in without prior knowledge of the WOD, pretty routine for a Saturday a Nah Fo Nah, and it turned out to be a partner WOD.
We decided to be partners for this doozy:
400m sandbag weighted run by one partner while the other executes reps of,
wallballs (20/14)
dumbell push press (40/25)
SDLHP (54/35)
Each partner did each exercise, so everybody ran. Me and Tiff were the only ones to do the entire thing as RX'ed, to include TIff carrying the same sandbag I did the WHOLE time.
She is hot... and we won.

150 20lb/14lb med ball cleans for time
10:22 for me
12:40-ish for Tiff, again for those who didn't hear... she is hot.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007