Helen liked coffee too, before cavemen killed it

9:56 as RXed (with big boy runs :-)

Ok, here is the deal people.

I like coffee.

I mean I reaaaallllyyyy like coffee. Coffee with cream, full richly deliciously fatty half and half. No Splenda(TM) laced creamer, no flavoring syrups, but lots an lots and lots of cream. My wife likes to ask me if I want coffee with my cream. Its like that. Like 3-4 cups a day before noon.

Apparently our no good meat-eating ancestors of the paleolithic period didn't know the splendor, the amazing and satisfying bliss of coffee with cream! WTF! There's a reason we evolved! What did Paleolithic man know about sitting in front of my laptop with my Boston terrier on my lap sipping delightful java!!!

I had a bad day with no creamer in my coffee today.

A reeealllllyyy bad day.

Coffee was my friend. Paleo snuck up and killed my friend with its caveman spear and caveman club.

I hate you caveman.

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