Happy Birthday to me

Tuesday (which was not my Birthday)
(I wore a flak with 1 SAPI)
6 x 50M
5 x 100M
4 x 200M
1 x 400M *for time, no idea what I got though, cause I wasn't listening
2 x 200M
3 x 100M (on the 1st on of these I stopped running)
4 x 50M

Somewhere in the middle of these I pushed off the start weird and pulled my groin...

Wednesday, which was my birthday, we did a special WOD:
400 Meter Partner Carry (John is GOOD at running)
4 rounds of:
34 Wall Ball Shots and max rep Muscle Ups (He HATES Wall Ball and hearts Muscle Ups)
Finish off with 340 Double unders as a team. (He SUCKS at double unders)
Thanks to Rachel for the toture and Adam for the hard work...
we rocked it out in 28:08 with 85 combing M/U, I did about 1/3 of the double unders.

Did I mention the 34 burpees I had to do to enter the gym?

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007