Lunging, Pulling, Sitting

100ft lunge
21 pull ups/21 sit ups
down to
100ft lunge
6 pull ups/6 sit ups

10:07 as RXed

no tears or rips with the gymnastics wraps


Team Hoff

Me & Tiff completed the following:
75 pull ups, blue band for T, butterfly for me, bottom of squat while the other works
75 dumbell push press, 30/15 dumbell hold while other works
75 box jumps, 24/20 plank while other works
75 deadlifts, 135/95 v sit while other works



3-3-3 weighted pull ups
24kg, 28kg, 32kg, then attempted 36kg and only pulled two...
followed by 8 minutes of CINDY: 7+5+1


Happy Birthday to me

Tuesday (which was not my Birthday)
(I wore a flak with 1 SAPI)
6 x 50M
5 x 100M
4 x 200M
1 x 400M *for time, no idea what I got though, cause I wasn't listening
2 x 200M
3 x 100M (on the 1st on of these I stopped running)
4 x 50M

Somewhere in the middle of these I pushed off the start weird and pulled my groin...

Wednesday, which was my birthday, we did a special WOD:
400 Meter Partner Carry (John is GOOD at running)
4 rounds of:
34 Wall Ball Shots and max rep Muscle Ups (He HATES Wall Ball and hearts Muscle Ups)
Finish off with 340 Double unders as a team. (He SUCKS at double unders)
Thanks to Rachel for the toture and Adam for the hard work...
we rocked it out in 28:08 with 85 combing M/U, I did about 1/3 of the double unders.

Did I mention the 34 burpees I had to do to enter the gym?


We beat everybody (sometimes).

Saturday was a nice turn of events. Tiffany and I went in without prior knowledge of the WOD, pretty routine for a Saturday a Nah Fo Nah, and it turned out to be a partner WOD.
We decided to be partners for this doozy:
400m sandbag weighted run by one partner while the other executes reps of,
wallballs (20/14)
dumbell push press (40/25)
SDLHP (54/35)
Each partner did each exercise, so everybody ran. Me and Tiff were the only ones to do the entire thing as RX'ed, to include TIff carrying the same sandbag I did the WHOLE time.
She is hot... and we won.

150 20lb/14lb med ball cleans for time
10:22 for me
12:40-ish for Tiff, again for those who didn't hear... she is hot.


Team time

3 man team completed the following in 21 and change:
400m farmer's walk (w/40lb DBs)
90 burpees
400m FW
120 box jumps on 32 inch box
400m FW
100 double unders
That was horrific.


That was fast...

Friday night after posting on 'Nancy' we hit a wall, and then we hit Cheesecake Factory. The onslaught continued unchecked weekend long with UFC 101, chicken wings and beer. Monday and its back on the rails to about 80% Paleo on 17 blocks. We are bringing back bars and relenting on some salt here and there. We'll play it by ear from here out. We know Paleo rocks, but we don't a)have the money to put out for pure Paleo, nor do we b)want to continue obsessing about food ALL THE TIME.
Should Press1-1-1-1-1 (125)
Push Press3-3-3-3-3 (170)
Push Jerk5-5-5-5-5 (165)
Skill class of cleans and a damn full squat clean 1RM PR at 175.
The 400m walking lunge in 12:07



Nancy on day five of the PaleoZone challenge.
still slightly cranky but chugging along



Ok, I am a weakling, 680 total today
Might as well have called it the wuss, instead of the press. Hit 125, then jumped to 140 and couldn't, 135 couldn't, 130 couldn't... psh
Started at 205, 225, then 255, went up to 265 (a geedy 10lb PR seemed possible) and failed, then failed to get depth at 260.... psh
At this point, nothing in the tank. After mistakenly counting 335 as 315 and failing I easily put up 295, then 305 wouldn't budge. ..psh again.

Helen liked coffee too, before cavemen killed it

9:56 as RXed (with big boy runs :-)

Ok, here is the deal people.

I like coffee.

I mean I reaaaallllyyyy like coffee. Coffee with cream, full richly deliciously fatty half and half. No Splenda(TM) laced creamer, no flavoring syrups, but lots an lots and lots of cream. My wife likes to ask me if I want coffee with my cream. Its like that. Like 3-4 cups a day before noon.

Apparently our no good meat-eating ancestors of the paleolithic period didn't know the splendor, the amazing and satisfying bliss of coffee with cream! WTF! There's a reason we evolved! What did Paleolithic man know about sitting in front of my laptop with my Boston terrier on my lap sipping delightful java!!!

I had a bad day with no creamer in my coffee today.

A reeealllllyyy bad day.

Coffee was my friend. Paleo snuck up and killed my friend with its caveman spear and caveman club.

I hate you caveman.


Christine & Shawn

3 rounds
500m row (round 2 had to be a 400m run due to #s)
12 BW Deadlifts (170#, mistakenly did 21 the fist round)
21 boxjumps (used the 30+ box becuase I can)
Partner WOD w/Mike (who is going to MARSOC A&S this week)
200m fireman's carry
followed by 3 rounds for time
2 minutes max reps each of:
muscle ups
body weight cleans
200m fireman's carry
score was reps minus total seconds of first carry
Me and Mike won.
552 points I think, smoked.

Tomorrow: cheat day, and going hard.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007