Round two at the new Affiliate

Really good WODs today, two of 'em, they really kicked my tail too...

1. AMRAP in 8 minutes of: 4 HSPU, 8 heavy KB swing (28kg), 12 ABmat situps, I fared ok, but did it RXed, HSPUs kicked my tail really badly. 3 rounds, +4/7
2. about five minutes of rest, then: 4x400 w/1 minute of rest after the first person finished. I managed to be first and get the ful rest each round. Their 400 is more like 450, and it is (drumroll) up hill both ways. I shit you not.

Me and fearless wife did this then bought a car for her. She rocks my socks off, so she could've gotten anything she wanted out of me, but I got her a sweet deal on an Infiniti EX35, it has cameras at 360 to help you park. There wer options for freakin'LASER BEAMS! FREAKINLASERBEAMS! We opted for no lasers, to my dismay.

I am not getting good recovery, probably due to not eating enough. On that note, I am off to eat more fat.

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