Ok: what now?

Ok, so long time has passed and I have neither affiliated nor posted anything of value.
Shit happens.
For two weeks I have been on leave. Packing our home, prepping for the renters, all of this has been consuming of both time and will. Once that was accomplished fearless Wife and I packed up the pups and headed out of Dodge. And by Dodge I refer to the wild west shoot out zone of Baltimore we lived in. Farewell meth, heroin, alcoholics, bad parking and poor city planning! I doubt I will miss anything but the pole we knew.
The week after leaving was spent in Pennsylvania. Five days in Philadelphia and three in Pittsburgh. I managed four workouts across that week. Jackie in 7:20 a new 2RM power clean of 185, and finally finished Kelly RXed in about 23:45--all this hanks to Barry at CrossFit Generation. Then we ran some tabata hill sprints in the hills of Whitehall township ouside Pittsburgh.
After Pa we rolled to Indianapolis. Not much there except a nice mall and dinner downtown. From the Hoosier state we fled west until we hit Kansas City, MO. In MO we found Bison.
Yes, bison: in burgers, in chili, in strip steak. Let me tell you, bison is not gamey or anything. Bison is like really good beef. I like both of these things immensely. It is a damn good thing we didn't destroy that species: cause they taste great.
We had a nice morning Wod of dumbell front squats and sit ups, worked on some skill practice and before we left the Sheraton in the big MO some a-hole smoking in he building cause an evacuation of the hotel. Great way he spend our last bit of time in KC.
Today has brought a speeding ticket in Colorado (89 in a 75:WTF!) and our next stop.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007