Begin Again.

Starting over at a new Affiliate, CF 949 in San Clemente CA.

Yesterday's WODs, yes--with an S!--were terrible, and I'm glad to be training again. We hit two of the individual WODs from the CF Games 2009.
1. Deadlift ladder: ours was 135 and up, adding 10lbs per minute. I went up to 305 before failing at 315 twice.
2. 3rds for time of 30 snatches at 75lbs and 30 wallballs at 20lbs. Finished in a mind-numbing 29:12. It was the Wallballs, surprisingly, which killed me. I shouldn't be surprised because they always kill me.

Tiffany rocked at both workouts. She went from a self-imposed DL PR of 95 to 155 for a new PR! She finished the snatch/wallball WOD at 45lb/14lb. A 45lb snatch is a PR for her as well! Tiffany does really well at CrossFit, despite how sucky she finds the soreness and pain afterward.

We had an active rest bikeride in the evening, burning thighs earned us some Cold Stone Creamery. I love me some ice cream.

Back to the gym in a few hours for two more WODs. This new Affiliate makes me feel like I'm a newby all over, and I am sore all over as well. Gotta love it. If it didn't hurt so much it probably wouldn't be so much fun, would it?

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