No WOD today

Great time giving a POSE run class at the 949 today.
Me gusta.


that old crusty bucket...

400m run
50 push ups
400m run
50 HSPUs**
400m run
50 ring dips
400m run

**blue band assisted HSPUs after 5, but they were off the wall.


2 seconds

Today at CF949 we did Grace, a benchmark CrossFit WOD.
30x135lb clean & jerk for time.
5:10 as Rx'ed
A phenomenal 2 second Personal Best! I love it
And here's some motivation...


I spit hot fire!

For time:

Run 800 meters
40 L pull-ups
Run 800 meters
40 Strict pull-ups
Run 800 meters
40 Kipping pull-ups

As RX'ed in 23:46

Towards to end of L's and strict set my form was getting shaky and I was down to singles and doubles. Tore a callous on rep 16 of the last set. I am gonna have some sore ass lats this week.


Round two of the BWI train

In an apparently continuing saga of BWI/949 competition, we did a team WOD brought on by Rachel's boyfriend John from CF BWI:
4 person teams completed:
200 wallbals (20/14)
435m run w/said wallball
200 push ups
200m farmer's walk (I used 40lb dumbells)
435m run sans wallballs
200m farmer's walk (I used 40lb dumbells)
200 push ups
435m run w/said wallball
200 wallbals (20/14)
During the push ps and wllballs 2 peeps worked at a time, nothing began until everyone was done each movement (ie run as a team)
Of three teams, mine finished first w/27:4? and TIffany's team finished very well.
That was some strong work, as to the BWI train, I feel like it ran me over.


A BWI horrorshow showd up in Cali

With love from CFBWI:

1200m run
1200m row
200 double unders

18:25 as RXed

Second WOD this week where I did the D/Us as RXed--I need to get on them more 'cause I spent about 10 minutes of this doing 2 singles to every 1 D/U.
Before I get back to work I am going to fill in a WOD tracker a friend sent me and see how long I can go back to see my progress.


Universally sound principles (and rest)

Monday we (Tiff and me) hit a partner WOD at 6am:
3 rounds of 400m run, 50 box jumps, 30 handstand push ups, 20 sumo deadlift high-pulls (95me, 45 Tiff), which we did around 20 minutes
Tuesday we went to Universal Studios Holly wood and ate lots of crap.
Now today we'll do Tabata This at noon--I'll update when we're complete.

(with box jumps in instead of rows)
Squats: 18
Push Ups: 7
Pull-Ups: 4
Box Jumps: 7
Sit Ups: 9
I bit off more than I could chew at each and every phase of this, dropping most in half from first to last round. Evil Evil Dr Tabata, you can kiss my ass...


Rings, Bars and Whips

I rocked some power socks to avoid looking like a pyramid builder today. I managed to do this WOD as RXed, which for me, and my god-awful hatred of double unders, it was a mighty good feeling.

7 rounds, for time:
5 pull-ups
10 rung dips
25 double unders

I am pretty dumb, so I lost count and did eight rounds in 18:24, but it turned out I was the first one done, in around 15:15 or so....

Sometimes it pays to pay attention.


Nothing feels quite like the snatch

New PR, cause I never really had anyone to train me in the Oly Lifts.

135lb Snatch. Not quite ready for Isabel. I failed at 140lbs while I got it way into the air three times I need to drive deeper under the bar to finish it.

Hats off to Adam and Terrance for the great coaching today, Tiff got a 65 PR of her own!


Round two at the new Affiliate

Really good WODs today, two of 'em, they really kicked my tail too...

1. AMRAP in 8 minutes of: 4 HSPU, 8 heavy KB swing (28kg), 12 ABmat situps, I fared ok, but did it RXed, HSPUs kicked my tail really badly. 3 rounds, +4/7
2. about five minutes of rest, then: 4x400 w/1 minute of rest after the first person finished. I managed to be first and get the ful rest each round. Their 400 is more like 450, and it is (drumroll) up hill both ways. I shit you not.

Me and fearless wife did this then bought a car for her. She rocks my socks off, so she could've gotten anything she wanted out of me, but I got her a sweet deal on an Infiniti EX35, it has cameras at 360 to help you park. There wer options for freakin'LASER BEAMS! FREAKINLASERBEAMS! We opted for no lasers, to my dismay.

I am not getting good recovery, probably due to not eating enough. On that note, I am off to eat more fat.

Begin Again.

Starting over at a new Affiliate, CF 949 in San Clemente CA.

Yesterday's WODs, yes--with an S!--were terrible, and I'm glad to be training again. We hit two of the individual WODs from the CF Games 2009.
1. Deadlift ladder: ours was 135 and up, adding 10lbs per minute. I went up to 305 before failing at 315 twice.
2. 3rds for time of 30 snatches at 75lbs and 30 wallballs at 20lbs. Finished in a mind-numbing 29:12. It was the Wallballs, surprisingly, which killed me. I shouldn't be surprised because they always kill me.

Tiffany rocked at both workouts. She went from a self-imposed DL PR of 95 to 155 for a new PR! She finished the snatch/wallball WOD at 45lb/14lb. A 45lb snatch is a PR for her as well! Tiffany does really well at CrossFit, despite how sucky she finds the soreness and pain afterward.

We had an active rest bikeride in the evening, burning thighs earned us some Cold Stone Creamery. I love me some ice cream.

Back to the gym in a few hours for two more WODs. This new Affiliate makes me feel like I'm a newby all over, and I am sore all over as well. Gotta love it. If it didn't hurt so much it probably wouldn't be so much fun, would it?


Ok: what now?

Ok, so long time has passed and I have neither affiliated nor posted anything of value.
Shit happens.
For two weeks I have been on leave. Packing our home, prepping for the renters, all of this has been consuming of both time and will. Once that was accomplished fearless Wife and I packed up the pups and headed out of Dodge. And by Dodge I refer to the wild west shoot out zone of Baltimore we lived in. Farewell meth, heroin, alcoholics, bad parking and poor city planning! I doubt I will miss anything but the pole we knew.
The week after leaving was spent in Pennsylvania. Five days in Philadelphia and three in Pittsburgh. I managed four workouts across that week. Jackie in 7:20 a new 2RM power clean of 185, and finally finished Kelly RXed in about 23:45--all this hanks to Barry at CrossFit Generation. Then we ran some tabata hill sprints in the hills of Whitehall township ouside Pittsburgh.
After Pa we rolled to Indianapolis. Not much there except a nice mall and dinner downtown. From the Hoosier state we fled west until we hit Kansas City, MO. In MO we found Bison.
Yes, bison: in burgers, in chili, in strip steak. Let me tell you, bison is not gamey or anything. Bison is like really good beef. I like both of these things immensely. It is a damn good thing we didn't destroy that species: cause they taste great.
We had a nice morning Wod of dumbell front squats and sit ups, worked on some skill practice and before we left the Sheraton in the big MO some a-hole smoking in he building cause an evacuation of the hotel. Great way he spend our last bit of time in KC.
Today has brought a speeding ticket in Colorado (89 in a 75:WTF!) and our next stop.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007