A whole week goes by...

5 WODs later, and its almost time to do it all again.
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Monday through Friday were a bit of a blur, to be honest.
Heading to Texas in the AM, moving next weekend. I better get used to weeks that blur.
Mon- Bottom to bottom tabata squats =113
Tues: Press, Push Press, Push Jerk (dropped about 10-15% per lift since June)
Weds: Griff in around 10 minutes, not exactly sure.
Thurs: As many round in twenty minutes of 5 Thrusters, 10 Push Press, 15 front Squat w/24% bodyweight=8 FS shy of 12 rounds
Fri: Combat Fitness Tes; 800m run, max 30 lb ammo can presses in 2 min, manuever under fire course... owie.

Traded in my Charger for a Ridgeline.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007