Back from Philly

My Dad's 65th birthday party was this weekend. We took the trip to Philly and enjoyed some spectacular family time. The fact that my Dad is now social security eligible lead me to the realization that so many grown-up things are now undeniably the responsibility of me and my generation. Health care, social security, Iraq, the economy, internet regulation, free-trade agreements, border control---there are more and more issues that demand our shrinking time on this earth.

It is no wonder that I hardly have time to work out.

But today I said enough excuses. So this morning first thing I put the gear on and headed to the gym.

Three 21,15,9 rep rounds of the couplet: 185lb deadlift & knees to elbows.
9:13 mainly from dropping off the bar
This absolutely challenged my hand and grip strength. My strength training has been lacking so after the WOD I did 3x3 weighted dips: 55lbs,85lbs,100lbs after shaking out my forearms a bit.

Cool down was 5x5 power snatch with 45lb bar.

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