Simple (or so it should be)

I struggled for something radical, different and comlex to challenge myself tonight. After running about 800m with Jelly Bean and ruminating over a simple CFWU of stretches, step jumps, squats and sumo deadlift highpulls I figured that was it. Simplicity.

So simplicity won.

50 H2H 20kg KB swings
1000m row on the C2
50 H2H 20kg KB swings



Running Hard, but hardly running

Today CF FM had a track workout.
1 mile run, on the first minute do 15 squats, on the second 15 walking lunges each leg and so on alternating each minute.

I am going to be sore.
Lunges broke me.
Did I mention soreness?


Row, Row, Row

Ok, the dog hates the noise of the rower, but he'll get used to it right? Not on the second rowing WOD he won't. I took him on a 400m jog around the neighborhood, it just wasn't enough. Perhaps I should get him to do the CFWU with me as well?
After the CFWUx2 and the jog with Jelly Bean.
Five rounds, for time:
500m row
5x20kg Kettlebell snatches with each arm, 1 swing hand to hand pass between each.



The rest of the week: 22-25 July

Took it down a notch after 100 tire flips for time on Tuesday and rested on Wednesday.

Thursday did the infamous Broomstick Mile with the CF FM crew at the nooner.
25 Overhead Squats, 25 Front Squats, 25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 25 Deadlifts
400m run
25 Presses, 25 Push Presses, 25 Push-Jerks
400m run
50 Squats
400m run
25 Thrusters
400m run
did it in 13:50
Friday was a Kettlebell seminar with the Company, so for about an hour and a half I swung around a 32Kg Kettlebell, which was a great time.

Did I mention I bought a Model C Concept2 rower yesterday? My wife rocks!

So this AM I ran the dog around the neighborhood, stretched and hit my first of many 2km rows for time in 8:53.

Life is just THAT GOOD!


Have you seen the Dark Knight?

Despite my adolescent glee that it is in theaters I have not yet gone to see the new Batman. Highly disheartening, but the weekend is coming....

Yesterday, the 21st:
15/1,14/2,etc down to 3/13,2/14,1/15 rep rounds of 45#OHS and 'L' pull-ups.
I dropped at 16:16 due to ripped callouses. After dealing with this 4 times in the past 6 weeks, I tapped out almost immediately as soon as it began. The result is I stayed in the fight and worked out today, but it did hurt both ego and pride to stop at round 5/11 without starting the L pull-ups.
I was almost there!

100x 250lb tire flips (+jump in, jump out and run back around) for time.


5 on, now for two off

30 mucles ups for time:
Done in 10:16, after 17 they were slightly asissted with a very small push with the feet.

After which me and the company played Hooverball which in case you have never played, is an incredible measure of one's fitness. Despite the fact that most of us who played feel as if we caught the ball with our faces most of the time it was awesome!

I case you ever get a chance to play, it is 'Catch' played with a 6 persons and a 6-20 lb medicine ball on a volleyball court with tennis rules. Once you catch it you can't move. You can't 'spike' from front line to front line. Other than that the rules are pretty loose.
We held three games, each played to 21, 15 and 9 points. Switching up teams each time.

My team lost every game.

Good times will follow, just avoid catching the ball with your face!


Mary, Mary, why ya buggin?

Who doesn't need a good RUNDMC reference from time to time?

I did Mary instead of Cindy for the first time.
As many rounds in twenty minutes of 5 handstand push ups, 10 1-leg squats, alternating legs and 15 pull ups. I did almost 7 rounds (1 pull up short)! In round 5 & 7 handstand push ups were little more than controlled falls from handstand to headstand...cause I suck at HSPUs after that many pull-ups, ok? but it was a first ever Mary. So a PR ;-)


Green Belt Instructing

First day helping out with a new class, tan belt technique sustainment. Unarmed restraints, joint manipulations, rifle and bayonet techniques. It's something. Hard to relate if you've never gotten involved with the martial arts. Throwing, being thrown-these things tax the body quite hard. I'm a huge fan of getting out to the field, sand pits, wherever and throwing it down. The body pays for it later though, best to not mix a full WOD on a MCMAP day.
Usually I don't take this advice myself, today though...


CFFM Day One

Good Tabata double-ups today:
Pushups & Squats, Alternating 8 round each.
271 (122/149)


Back from Philly

My Dad's 65th birthday party was this weekend. We took the trip to Philly and enjoyed some spectacular family time. The fact that my Dad is now social security eligible lead me to the realization that so many grown-up things are now undeniably the responsibility of me and my generation. Health care, social security, Iraq, the economy, internet regulation, free-trade agreements, border control---there are more and more issues that demand our shrinking time on this earth.

It is no wonder that I hardly have time to work out.

But today I said enough excuses. So this morning first thing I put the gear on and headed to the gym.

Three 21,15,9 rep rounds of the couplet: 185lb deadlift & knees to elbows.
9:13 mainly from dropping off the bar
This absolutely challenged my hand and grip strength. My strength training has been lacking so after the WOD I did 3x3 weighted dips: 55lbs,85lbs,100lbs after shaking out my forearms a bit.

Cool down was 5x5 power snatch with 45lb bar.


Swim day


Company PT, in pairs:
10 rounds Swim 50m while your partner does 10 squats, 10 push-ups.
Me and Sgt G finished in 21:34

10 minute swim practicing strokes for cool-down.


Leaving Las Vegas

...it is a hard thing to do.

Mind you, it is not the getting on the plane, flying, losing sleep, getting back on Eastern Standard, etc. That is not hard to do. Leaving the forever fun, everlasting party thrill ride is the hard part. It is equal parts withdrawal and relief. The sure knowledge that there's no more all night clubbing, no more endless buffet and it is time to return to the normalcy of work, CrossFitting, zoning and sleep can be both welcome and saddening.

First WOD after several off the charts days.
After a 1/2 hour slow steady POSE method run (thanks to Ryan's coaching) around the new neighborhood I tackled this one inspired by CrossFit Philly:
16kg Kettlebell Swings (the 10's) and 10 lb WallBall Shots (climbing to 10)
Executed at a couplet, for time:
10/1, 10/2, 10/3, 10/4, 10/5, 10/6, 10/7, 10/8, 10/9, 10/10

Ended in 9:25 and took a leisurely run around the surrounding few blocks with my dog for a cool down.

Despite my blather above it is good to be home. Nothing better than normal life with Tiffany and our dog Jellybean. No Las Vegas nights will ever outshine her.

Not a chance.


Back from Las Vegas

Forrest Griffith right after winning the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship title from Quinton Jackson at UFC 86 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Taken live by yours truly at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

This extravaganza was courtesy of my wonderful wife Tiffany.

Thanks baby!


Boots and Utes Independence Day PT

Prior to a good day of Company PME, we hit it hard in Boots and Utes with some budy pair PT:
During each of 5 rounds, each Marine completed:
7 pull ups
20 Burpees
20 push ups
20 squats
75m movement
Only 1 Marine exercising at a time, allowing for rest and strategery...
Movements were sprints, bear crawl, 2x fireman's carry
Cut of was 30 minutes, 2 teams finished, only 1 team had less than 4 rounds, two Marines tossed cookies.
Good times.



about 20 minutes going over form
10 reps with the bar
Thrusters 5,3,3,2,2,2
10 reps with the bar
My own work this AM was 95,115,135, 175 FL, 160, 165-FL, 155
Finished w/3x5 KTEs and about 3 minutes hitting the heavy bag

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007