Not long to go

Its really F&^%G hot over here.

I love that despite the heat everyday there are at least 4 committed CrossFitters hitting the WOD with me. Water consumption is a must, and the volume of water we need to drink is ridiculous.

I hit a new PR on Overhead squats this week, 150lbs for 5, when 150lbs was my 1 rep max about a month ago. I think I could attempt a BW OHS soon, a long time personal goal. Not sure when I'll hit the OHS squat again.

Trying to tighten up the diet. Too many people sending brownies and other deliscious ways to show us they love us, but I'll forgive them all.

My personal countdown is hovering right over a month, the end is in sight.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007