Last few days...

...and in the last few days I've done the below:
28th: 20 minutes of 1 minute jump rope and 1 minute wall ball for total # of wallball (20lb @10ft target): I managed 170 wallball shots, and I think the jump rope was the more brutal of the two.
29th: 5000m row in 21:50, kep pace ~2:15 for most of it. Pain... sheer, delightful pain.
30th: "Nancy" 5 rounds for time: 1/4 mile run & 15 OHS @95lbs: 16:55
31st: For time--1mile run, 50 thrusters w/45lbs, 50 KB swings w/16kg, 50 box jumps to 20 inch box, 500m row, 50 thrusters w/45lbs, 50 KB swings w/16kg, 50 box jumps to 20 inch box, 1mile run.... haven't hit that yet but I'll post when I do.

It's good to be CrossFit Camp Pendleton.


Single Digit Midget

Single digit midget. A lot being said with three short words.

We tried to find out max Thruster yesterday with 7 singles.
Me: 135,155,165FL, 165, 175FL, 170FL, 160.
So my single Trhuster max is 165. That's almost bodyweught and I'll take it.

Replacement shows up this week, I am thrilled.


Two tough days and two weeks to go...

Yesterday we did a WOD from the main page....
For time:
75 Push-ups
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 50 reps
50 Ring Dips
45 pound Weighted Pull-ups, 30 reps
25 Handstand Push-ups
as Rx'ed : 25:59
It wrecked everyone who did it. It was truly incredible. We've dubbed it "F.O.A.D".
Today we were gonna do FRAN but this was what we did instead:
21,15,9 rep rounds of:
115lb front squats
30 in box jumps
55lb KB swings
push ups
Rxed: 12:14
And now we are devastated.
Tomorrow we do "Tabata That"... may God have mercy...

Miss everyone back home, got the next three cycles planned by mode and effort until I leave.
Love and miss you all...


Yesterday "Chuck Norris" tomorrow--well, we'll see about that tomorrow...

Had a good week. Except for the moving of heavy functional furniture, varied if not random indirect fire attacks and heated discussions/borderline throwdowns executed at high intensity.
To think, all this and a paycheck too! I am truly blessed.

This cycle:
"Lynne" 5 ronds, BW bench & pull ups: first time I rocked out true BW bench! 175lbs.

As many ruonds in tenty minutes: The gym to chowhall run & 15x65lb clean and jerk.

"Filthy Fifty aka Chuck Norris"
50 each: box jumps, jumping pull-ups, kettlbel swing.. you know all of it, it killed us.
My time improved slightly: 27:44

I have 4 more cycles of 3 days on, 1 day off before I return. But seriously, who's counting?


Back on track

Did "Randy" as Rxed: 9:15

Working hard, wish I was hardly working.

Miss everyone, the end is in sight.


Three days off.

Three days off can change one's attitude, and bring about great effects.
After some hard sparring and some real good workouts, we took three days off in a row over here. It was real nice, but by today the itch to hit the gym was real strong in all of us.

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:
5x45lb OHS
10x16kg kettlebell swings
15x30inch box jumps

It was a sultry 103 degrees in the shade when I did this today. Welcome back to the grind.

Less than four weeks to go on the countdown.



Yesterday, 6:36 as RX'd, new PR.

I think this is the least sleep I've had in a long time for the longest stretch. But oddly its the logest I have managed a three on/one off WOD schedule. So CF=little sleep? Must be something else.

Rest day today, with a really bad dust storm rolling in. We are going to try to stick to the CFHQ WODs from now until we leave, as long as we have the right equipment to do it. This will be a good way to spend the next few weeks before I head out.

Speaking of heading out, see everyone soon. I am getting pretty excited about home.


Flying by

Above is during a respite to celebrate a promotion of one of the Marines.

Today: Press1,1,1,1,1/Push Press3,3,3,3,3/Push Jerk5,5,5,5,5 WOD, Press maxed at 130, PP at 170 and PJ at 160.

Wonderful raw strength work out and wonderful mix of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. We went over there as three and attracted two mor CrossFitters as we began the warm-up. Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.

Yesterday did "Helen" in 9:54 for a new PR.

trying to pay good attention to how we cycle the workouts between modes and priorities. Sometimes we follow CFHQ, sometime CFBWI, somoetimes CF Quantico, sometimes I make up something raw and horrible to unleash hell on the system.

I look forward to the return.




Not long to go

Its really F&^%G hot over here.

I love that despite the heat everyday there are at least 4 committed CrossFitters hitting the WOD with me. Water consumption is a must, and the volume of water we need to drink is ridiculous.

I hit a new PR on Overhead squats this week, 150lbs for 5, when 150lbs was my 1 rep max about a month ago. I think I could attempt a BW OHS soon, a long time personal goal. Not sure when I'll hit the OHS squat again.

Trying to tighten up the diet. Too many people sending brownies and other deliscious ways to show us they love us, but I'll forgive them all.

My personal countdown is hovering right over a month, the end is in sight.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007