"Quarter Gone Bad" 77 as Rx'ed

Tried to 'Skin the cat' yesterday. I managed to do it a few times, then did two consecutives. This was after doing 7 rounds of 95lb SDLHPs and 10 ring dips in 9:42.
Today, with two ouptstanding Marines to accompany me, I asssaulted through "QGB" at full weight, first ever attempt. 50lb KB and a belt, 135lb bar. Wow.
As RX'ed: 77

Almost. I was hands down on my 78th rep at the final bell.
Almost just doesn't count though.
Except when you're almost a month from being home.
See everyone soon.


Missing my baby

The next two months won't pass soon enough.

Still punishing myself, and trying not to eat cookies and ice cream at the chowhall-but they are just so good.

I miss you all back home.

Love, John


Today for the 1st time I did the CF Total

First off, that's not easy. Your average person does not like to max out on any lft, much less three all in the same day.
Shoulder press, back squat, deadlift.
My total of 1 rep maxes on these was 695 lbs, which is 3.97 times my bodyweight.
Not too shabby.

I consider this to be a positive outcome of pent up frustration and anger-and not being able to see my wife. If I have to miss her, and if I have to put up with idiots... I may as well channel that frustration into some good.

Well, I am more thn half way there, and I really miss everyone.


Still going strong

I have pursued 3 on / 1 off with great success over here, only taking 1 exra rest day in the last 2 months. This is probably the best progress I have had in some time. Not able to post everyday but I do keep a log book. Most days my internet time is for sending e-mail to loved ones.
Today, however, I thought I would post, despite the fact that I took another rest day and just did a light 1000m row, a light 1 mile run and a final 1000m row. Not for time, jsut for form, and just to resist the urge to do nothing today.

This isn't gettng easier--I still miss everyone. Most especially you-wonderful you, I hope Notre Dame is fun this weekend.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007