Chillin', maxin' and relaxin'.

Except not really at all. I've done two cycles of 3/on 1/off after the week it took me to get here and get acclimatized. Thing is, no time to blog. 14-16 hour days will do that to you.
Doing the 5x400m sprint & 50 squat WOD from the main page manana. One of the guys here is gonna do CF with me too, he lasted 1 cycle so far, and he'll be a beast soon enough.
Did 2 consequtive muscle ups today. Ooorah..
I keep checking Bullfit, Santa Cruz looked like fun. I cannot wait to get back there. The gear heree is very good. KBs up to 20kg, rings, dynamax balls, 2 rowers (broken of course) but all in all a great gym if you force yourself to actually make the time to work out.
Stay strong.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007