Wednesday the 27th

Lots of great things going on. There are three of us working out from my section, one other Marine and a Soldier. Lots of fun, The Marine is entering his second full cycle of thee/onone/off working out, today we did "Lynne", 5 rounds of max bodyweight bench press and max pull ups. I did ok, as Rx'ed.

I have not had time to keep track of scores, other than as individual bragging rights on that day, or at least until the next workout. Its a good motivator.

But the biggest motivator I have over here is the picture of my wife that I see throughout my day. Her bright smile and warm eyes shine through my day, no matter what is happening. She is the sweetest thing that has ever come my way, without any doubt. I love her with al my heart...

Working out helps deal with the frustrations and stress of work. it is her that keeps me going through the day, no doubt at all about that.

Tomorrow we're going to try "Eva", which looks positively "Evil". Five rounds of 1/2 mile run, 30 KB swings and 30 pull-ups.

And I'll have to admit that before I go, and after I'm done, I'm gonna look at that picture, and miss the love of my life.


Chillin', maxin' and relaxin'.

Except not really at all. I've done two cycles of 3/on 1/off after the week it took me to get here and get acclimatized. Thing is, no time to blog. 14-16 hour days will do that to you.
Doing the 5x400m sprint & 50 squat WOD from the main page manana. One of the guys here is gonna do CF with me too, he lasted 1 cycle so far, and he'll be a beast soon enough.
Did 2 consequtive muscle ups today. Ooorah..
I keep checking Bullfit, Santa Cruz looked like fun. I cannot wait to get back there. The gear heree is very good. KBs up to 20kg, rings, dynamax balls, 2 rowers (broken of course) but all in all a great gym if you force yourself to actually make the time to work out.
Stay strong.



Fran is 3 rounds of 21,15,9 Thruster, Pull-ups combo.
I used 70lbs for thrusters, and did some semi-kipping pull-ups.



I won't be ble to say much about where I am, but its picturesque to say the least.
No worries, its safe and serene most days. I am hard at work.

Yesterday was the first time I worked out in a week, the gym her is just swell.
Warmed up w/1 round of the CFWU & 500m row.
Randy is 75# power clean, 75 times for time: 6:38
Cooled down w/some practice work on KBs, KTEs and another 500m row.

Miss everyone, my connection here is sporadic and my time is not my own. Despite that and whatever other obstacles, I will try to post.

Semper Fi,



I've been doing some mad furious work-outs lately.
Today was 3 rounds of:
15x225lb deadlift
15xhandstand push ups
15x95lb thruster

This was horrible, after two rounds I was ready to vomit.
I finished, in shameful time (~24 minutes).
Still feel ill.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007