Too damn hot for penguins...

I've been on a roll at times, but not posting. Times are on CrossFit BWI when Ryan posts them. Got real muscle ups this week, getting fitter.


Travel & Time, Time/Travel, Time Travel

Time is getting short, traveling is taking longer, we need to develop some technology to fix this for me.
I worked out twice this week--slacker, huh?

Back in the groove this week. I need to work on the diet as well.
Airport food is not Zone friendly and I am tired of beef jerky.


Shoot, Move & Communicate

Spent the week on the range, today did my workout there.
After a morning of rifle shooting & movement with the M-4 carbine.
In boots and utes, five rounds for time of:
5 pull-ups
10 dips
15x 1 pood KB swing

8:15, wow--worn out from yesterday. This was 5 hours ago, neck and arms are still shot.
Shot, get it? SHOT. Ha.



Five rounds for max reps of:

Body weight bench press (170)

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

Actually did this as prescribed, full bodyweight.

107 reps total:

1) 13/15, 2) 9/13, 3) 7/14, 4) 6/10, 5) 7/10

Finished up with 2x10 KTEs


Thought I would cheese out and be lazy, went to CFBWI and did Ryan's Dumbell complex instead.


5 Dumbbell Deadlifts
5 Dumbbell Squat Cleans
5 Dumbbell Push Press
5 Dumbbell Squats (hold dumbbells on your shoulders)

Started with moderate weight dumbbells and performed the progression, without setting the dumbbells down between exercises. Add weight and repeat the progression. Keep using heavier dumbbells until you cannot do the progression.

Started at 25's and completed through 50's, attempted 60's and failed after 2 cleans.

Frying pan to fire

Off the cruise, off to the range...
With effort I will continue to train hard, not hardly train.

The cruise went well, two days of good snorkeling, two WODs, sprinkled throughout a week of opulence. For what it is worth a buffet is wasted on me--thank God. The first day we were told the average cruise member gains -14 lbs. I did gain 3, but I blame that more on beer than anything else.

Back to the grind.


Like butter...

Cause I'm on a roll. Or cause I am soft?

Three days on, second time in about a week--awesome.
Max deadlifts yesterday:
135x10, 185, 225, 275, 305 (old PR), 335 (new PR), 340 (fail), 337.5 (fail)
5x3 kettlebell windmills

Now off to the week's cruise.


This week's action

New Year, new routine, same ol' s@!t...

Wednesday: 20 minutes of 5 push-ups/10 sit ups/15 squats: 21 and change...
Thursday: 20 minutes of 20 45lb overhead lunge steps and 10 burpees: 10 + 3 steps...

CF BWI is rocking...

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007