Thanks for asking...

So, I have been going to CrossFit BWI this week.
It rocks.

Today we did:
400m run
21 x push press, KB swing, burpees
400m run
15 x push press, KB swing, burpees
400m run
9 x push press, KB swing, burpees

14:23, not the fastest, I got beat by well over a minute.
I used 74lb push press, 55lb Kettlebell, sub a little bit more than whatever you feel comfortable with and stick to it...


2nd Day

CF BWI again,
For time:
800m run
30 24in Box Jumps
500m row
25 24kg KB swings
3x100ft bear crawls
20x 20lb slamball
400m run
15 Ring Dips



CF BWI visit

I went to workout w/Ryan at CrossFit BWI today at noon.
Did 2x 400m run, the Burgener Warmup w/PVC, 20 Abmat sit-ups and 10 ring dips for a warm-up.
10 rounds of 10 Deadlifts & 10 push-ups

Worked out some kinds with a Foam roller and 'the stick' after, those are going on my wishlist...


From the main page


Friday 071214

Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 070910.

Did the CFWU 1x, then:

SP: 95,105,115,125,130(FLD)
PP: 115,125,135,140(FLD at 3rd),135
PJ: 115,125,130(FLD to lock at 3rd),115(FLD to lock at 5th),95,95

5x5 KTEs
2x100ft Farmers walk w/50lb DBs


WOD from Christmas eve (yes--late)

So I used to work out, so I figured I would try it again after a week of holiday fat-ness....

Warmed up with some medicine ball cleans with my new 10lb Dynamax
(did I mention that, WOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

Then did the Xmas Eve WOD:
150 Burpees, for time.




Lather, rinse, repeat...

I did it again, outside (brrrr....) with a 45lb barbell. 20:05
Whole Company participated, with mixedresults.
Form was an issue, as always, but they perservered.


WOD From 12 Dec 07

1 Round of the warm up at 12 reps each
Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
75 pound Sumo deadlift high-pull, 21 reps
75 pound Thruster, 21 reps
(Subbed 55lbs, ran on treadmill)



Did a warm up of 250m row, 10 x pass throughs, dips, 45#OHS & 1/4 mile run, then did:
For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats




Did a warm up of:
500m row then twice went through..
5x1-hand 12kg KB snatch each hand
10x pass-throughs
10x 10lb bar OHS
10x good mornings
10x CF it up
10x 12kg KB swing
10x dip
10x pull up

I then mixed up some Fran like activity, for time:
1/4 mile sprint
21,15,9 of the triplet--pull ups, 45# thruster, 12kg KB swing
1/4 mile run

time of 14:13


Understanding Crossfit

I don't know that I really do understand it, but I try.
The message is worth the time I spend.
I'll keep posting.

Today I did a CrossFit warmup of 15, 500m row, 5 minute max incline walk.


21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds (subbed 80 lbs)
Ring dips

V did CFWU: 3 rds of 6 and a 5 minute walk followed by


Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps (subbed 10 lb bar)

When she finished we did about 5 minutes on training mitts with the 12 oz. gloves.


Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (subbed a 35 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups

For some reason in my small eyes the 5lb DB looked so big that I talked myself into using 35lbs. In hindsight that was dumb, as I did all three rounds unbroken on swings.
11:36 (ran on treadmill)

In the afternoon did about an hour of sustainment toward Brown Belt with the high (possibly unrealistic) goal of actually taking tests this week. We'll see how that goes.

V ran through "Jackie" 100o m row with 50x25lb bar thrusters & 35x15lb DB swing in 11:06. SHe's getting feirce. M starts tomorrow (or so we're told.)



Five rounds for time of:

400 meter run

95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

AS RX'ED!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was the first time I ever did this at full weight and the first time I ever completely lost a barbell mid overhead squat. I pushed it forward as I fell, dumping the (iron) weight with a gym stopping boom. The little old ladies were not impressed, I was not fazed. I went on to (carefully) finish in 26:30.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007