Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer's take on modern fitness

Tom and Huck lived a life that we now understand as inherently healthy. For example, they understood the folly of footwear and avoided it whenever possible. Shoes were for Sunday, a painful and unpleasant departure from normal living. Unconsciously, they did the right thing. By avoiding footwear, they kept their feet, ankles, knees and hips smart and fast. Tom and Huck’s feet were highly effective sense organs, speaking volumes to their spinal cords and brains. They didn’t look like athletes, but their bodies were highly intelligent, much more so than the typical modern.

Nutrition was never a problem because there really wasn’t much to eat and all of it was organic, genuine food. Meat was good, but so were the vegetables; these kids were hungry because they were in constant motion. No drive-through, no chemically-enhanced speed eating. Do your chores and later, you'll get to eat.

Above all, Tom and Huck lived a play-based, adventure-based lifestyle. Their fantasy lives were rich and they made do with the simplest of toys. There were chores to be done and fences to be whitewashed, but they did their best to avoid it. The mere sight of a steamboat churning up the river could spark an entire afternoon of mimicking and role-playing, entirely without the direction of adults or software programs.

This is an excerpt from 'Animal Times' on Exuberant Animal .com click the link or the title of this post to read it all.

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