I have a blog dammit

I have a blog, but since getting injured my workouts and my postings have slacked considerably. Too much so in fact. I chopped together this video, its from my Company. I still train with them, despite that I shouldn't This week: Monday: 5 rounds or 50ft fireman's carry 10 burpees, change over, you both go for a carry and 10 drop tow each round etc down to 2 burpees each Tuesday: "light Linda" or 'the three bars of ouchie'45# bench press, 60# deadlift, 30# clean 10,9,8,7 down to 1's of each Wednesday: Fran in boots and utes, and flak jacket, with a 20# medicine ball and anyhow pull-ups (mostly kipping, some jumping)

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007