Back at at again...

Its a wonderful feeling to get back into the game after not training for awhile. Since injuring my ribs I had to take it easy, and as it still isn't 100% I would say I;m still taking it easy. Yesterday, however, I came back off the bench. I deadlifted from 135# on up, and it felt phenomenal.
When you think you're beaten, that's when you're beaten. When you get beat down you've got to get back in the fight as soon and as hard as you can. Each and every time life beats you down you've got to get right back up.

Deadlift: singles

Again, not quite 100%, but the pain is still hanging on so I am taking care not to be dumb.

Tiff came out and got some as well. She did a lot of learning, "Fran" scaled with jumping pull-ups and a 9# cardio barbell in 5:02, rowed 250m in 3:52 and walked 1/2 mile for a cooldown. I'm very proud to see her back, she's determined & she's trying.

V pulled off another good 3 mile run, gotta get her off that crack.

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