The title suits me

at least I think it does, my wife may not agree.

On the last day of training towards my Brown Belt Instructor certification we sparred, I got dropped by a good takedown and while falling rotated at a bad angle. The result landed a 200 lb Marine Cpl with dangerous intent onto my ribcage directly over my heart.

Bad news.

After crying out like a little girl (which I didn't hear over the crunch/rip sound I was feeling/hearing coming from my chest), I went to the doc to find that they can't really do anything whether your ribs are broekn, muscles torn, whatever. As a matter of fact they don't even tape or wrap ribs anymore.

So I'm forced into another rest phase, which if you know me, you know I do very poorly. This doesn't suit me, but I have a week of no working out and 30 days no contact sports to enjoy.

Enjoy?! M@&^*RF+%$#R!

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