More rifle & bayonet

Warm up of CFWU with 50m walking lunge, then CFWU with 100m farmer's walk with 2x40lb sandbags, then CFWU with Suicides on the basketball court.
Brown Belt:
Rifle and Bayonet engagement drills--Two vs one, one vs two rifle and bayonet for about an hour and a half.
Thai pads:
Three different combos for about 15 minutes each then switch.
Combat Readiness discussion:
This is what sets MCMAP apart as a true military combative. We spent time to discuss what it takes to bring yourself and your Marines into the Combat mindset. Personal, administrative and training activities all take a piece of it, but it is truly a mental exercise. Marines are known for their toughness, their discipline under fire. We as Marine leaders must take charge and accept the responsibility of leadership then plan and conduct realistic, tough training to prepare the Marines in our care for combat.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007