Lots of things going on

Sat & Sun: CF cert-wwooowwwwwwwww! Thank you so much Coach Glassman, you are a good soul.
Monday: Brown belt class (Ground Fighting) rest day for the WOD.
Tuesday: Did a 1/2 Cindy with 5 Marines, bested all wtih 10 & 2 pull-ups.
Wednesday: Brown Belt class, me and another instructor went through 3 rounds of 7 KB swinigs, 10 dips, 15 OHS and 400m run. me-8:39, SSgt G-9:43
A few days, a few lightyears of progress, a few papers not getting written for AMU classes, a few workouts, a few more classes closer to Brown Instructor....
Rampage wins, wow.
Got accepted to an NPS Grad certficate, progress.
Made it through the Quantico CF Cert, wonderful.
Took my spanish DLPT, ouchie.

Started watching how much I eat, portion control is an SOB. Not sure if I'll ever truly 'zone' my diet, but its clean.

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