Bayonets & Squats

2 & 1/2 half hours of Brown Belt Instructor training focused on use of the rifle with Bayonet. Combat engagements, warrior mindset, disrupt and thrust while closing with an armed opponent--good times.

After that changed and ran about 1000m around the way to the gym.
CFWU of 10, 1 climb up the bachar ladder.
Overhead squats: 3x95, 3x115, 3x125, 3x130
Front Squat: 3x115, 3x140, 3x165
Back Squat: 3x155, 3x185
Deadlift: 3x225

I just missed getting in and training, but I'll probably feel it in the morning.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007