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"In the struggle for survival it is the fittest who will win out at the expense of its rival."
Charles Darwin

Makes sense to do CrossFit then.

V just keeps on truckin'

She's an animal to be, and she knows it.
Two days ago She did Nicole: As many rounds in 20 minutes of 1/4 mile sprints and max pull-ups, She did 5 rounds, with modified pull-ups.
Yesterday she did Cindy and pulled of 11 rounds (slightly modified: 15 squats, 10 sit-ups, 5 push ups).
Today she tackled "Murph", yeah, with gusto too, ya betta' wreck-ognize.
1 mile run, 100 pull-ups (body rows at an incline) 200 push-ups (against the squat rack at an incline) and 300 no shi'ite real deal full squats. Topped off with a 1 mile run to finish.
She rocked it out at 59:11 on her first attempt.
Take it to the bank.

Check out Beautiful Women.


The title suits me

at least I think it does, my wife may not agree.

On the last day of training towards my Brown Belt Instructor certification we sparred, I got dropped by a good takedown and while falling rotated at a bad angle. The result landed a 200 lb Marine Cpl with dangerous intent onto my ribcage directly over my heart.

Bad news.

After crying out like a little girl (which I didn't hear over the crunch/rip sound I was feeling/hearing coming from my chest), I went to the doc to find that they can't really do anything whether your ribs are broekn, muscles torn, whatever. As a matter of fact they don't even tape or wrap ribs anymore.

So I'm forced into another rest phase, which if you know me, you know I do very poorly. This doesn't suit me, but I have a week of no working out and 30 days no contact sports to enjoy.

Enjoy?! M@&^*RF+%$#R!


Brown Belt & some personal training

1430-1630: Counter to Pistol (front/back)
We warmed up with: As many rounds executed as possible in 10 minutes: 5 KB swings, 5 pull-ups, 5 dips.
SSgt G ended in the lead
I pulled through to 9+5KBS+2PUs
Cpl B wasn't far behind, but ahead of SSgt M.
This preceded about 1n hour and a half of good hard training.

I then dashed to Harbor Fitness for a personal training session with V.
She had patiently done 2xCFWU & a 5 min warm up run.
She cruised through her WOD,
1000m row (as RXd)
50x45# thruster (pvc)
30 pull-ups (45 degree angle body row)
done for time.
She rocked it out at 11:57, outstanding.


Sparring Sessions

After little sleep:
Major Outside Reap, Leg Sweep, Hip throw, Shoulder throw.
Brown Belt weapons retention
Brown Belt unarmed versus knife
Hour and a half of sparring, knife vs unarmed, baton vs unarmed.


"Hard as a Rock"

No WOD for me, V did the CFWUx2, learned the three basic presses.
WOD: "Tabata This" 8 rounds 20 seconds on/10 seconds off of pull ups, squats, push ups, sit-ups her grand total of lowest rounds was 25, very good work.
Tried to learn a basic boxing drill as a cool down.

First "client"

Congratulations to V, she has the distinction of being my first non-military voluntary workout disciple, I suppose that could count as my fist client, huh? We're going to workout at Harbor Fitness Center in SoBo.
First workout: Went through the CF warm-up, she has very good form and picked up all exercises quite well. Ran 5 min (while I rowed). The WOD consisted of teaching her what I know about the deadlift, back squat, front squat and over head squat. After that I put her on the rower for 250m to teach her the proper pulling technique.
Great start.
Less than an hour after finishing that another friend of my wife's asked me to train her also. We'll see, maybe this is the start of an affiliate (I wish).


Major Outside Reap

Who ever named the Brown Belt throw is a genius. It is major alright, as in a major pain in my head, hips, neck and ass. After a warm-up and teaching 2 Marines through some ring & kettlebell workouts we did ~2 hours of the major Outside Reap throw.

Semper freaking Fi....


Lots of things going on

Sat & Sun: CF cert-wwooowwwwwwwww! Thank you so much Coach Glassman, you are a good soul.
Monday: Brown belt class (Ground Fighting) rest day for the WOD.
Tuesday: Did a 1/2 Cindy with 5 Marines, bested all wtih 10 & 2 pull-ups.
Wednesday: Brown Belt class, me and another instructor went through 3 rounds of 7 KB swinigs, 10 dips, 15 OHS and 400m run. me-8:39, SSgt G-9:43
A few days, a few lightyears of progress, a few papers not getting written for AMU classes, a few workouts, a few more classes closer to Brown Instructor....
Rampage wins, wow.
Got accepted to an NPS Grad certficate, progress.
Made it through the Quantico CF Cert, wonderful.
Took my spanish DLPT, ouchie.

Started watching how much I eat, portion control is an SOB. Not sure if I'll ever truly 'zone' my diet, but its clean.


More rifle & bayonet

Warm up of CFWU with 50m walking lunge, then CFWU with 100m farmer's walk with 2x40lb sandbags, then CFWU with Suicides on the basketball court.
Brown Belt:
Rifle and Bayonet engagement drills--Two vs one, one vs two rifle and bayonet for about an hour and a half.
Thai pads:
Three different combos for about 15 minutes each then switch.
Combat Readiness discussion:
This is what sets MCMAP apart as a true military combative. We spent time to discuss what it takes to bring yourself and your Marines into the Combat mindset. Personal, administrative and training activities all take a piece of it, but it is truly a mental exercise. Marines are known for their toughness, their discipline under fire. We as Marine leaders must take charge and accept the responsibility of leadership then plan and conduct realistic, tough training to prepare the Marines in our care for combat.


Bayonets & Squats

2 & 1/2 half hours of Brown Belt Instructor training focused on use of the rifle with Bayonet. Combat engagements, warrior mindset, disrupt and thrust while closing with an armed opponent--good times.

After that changed and ran about 1000m around the way to the gym.
CFWU of 10, 1 climb up the bachar ladder.
Overhead squats: 3x95, 3x115, 3x125, 3x130
Front Squat: 3x115, 3x140, 3x165
Back Squat: 3x155, 3x185
Deadlift: 3x225

I just missed getting in and training, but I'll probably feel it in the morning.


Rest and Recuperation

I've spent the last three days itching to work out, but forcing sore joints and tired muscles to heal instead. It makes one feel lazy to rest sometimes, I know that is how it makes me feel. I can't help but think that while I rest someone somewhere else trains, and if I were to meet them in a contest of arms or will someday, it will be the one who trained harder, through the most harrowing school which will prevail. You've got to persevere mentally as well as physically in this life. Trials and trivialities will abound, but I must stay focused.

I read an article today about a fellow Marine, who fights for the WEC. His name is Brian Stann and his story is well worth the time to read.



Took the time to go to get a relaxing massage yesterday. Not the best massage I've ever gotten, but relaxing.
Lots of research points to the need for therapeutic massage for proper rest and for the release of toxins from the body. I just like having the massage. Something about having someone work the tension and knots out of the neck and shoulders that no amount of sleep can account for.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007