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I used to go down the list of affiliates of www.crossfit.com just to see what each had going on that day/week since I had last read up on them, that was more than a year ago when I first started doing CrossFit. I learned a lot.
Remembering all I learned from that when I was looking for a WOD today I thought about going through all the affiliates, but OMFG, the list (below) is just too damn long...

CrossFit HQ-Santa Cruz, CA
Crossfit Seattle-Seattle, WA
CrossFit East-Jacksonville, FL
CrossFit Kansas City-Kansas City, KS
Brand X Martial Arts -Ramona, CA
Rocky Mountain CrossFit-Golden, CO
Rainier CrossFit-Puyallup, WA
CrossFit-Mike's Gym-Vista, CA
CrossFit Los Angeles-Santa Monica, CA
CrossFit Milwaukee-Milwaukee, WI
CrossFit Austin-Austin, TX
CrossFit Ann Arbor-Ann Arbor, MI
CrossFit Santa Cruz-Santa Cruz, CA
CrossFit Vancouver-Vancouver, BC
The Pit-Arroyo Grande, CA
CrossFit HB-Huntington Beach, CA
Sports Specific Training-Rocklin, CA
CrossFit PR-San Juan, Puerto Rico
CrossFit Southwest-Tempe, AZ
CrossFit NYC-New York, NY
CrossFit London -London England
Elite Fitness Bootcamp-Monrovia, CA
CrossFit Chicago-Chicago, IL
CrossFit Nederland-Nederland
CrossFit Boston-Boston, MA
CrossFit Philly-Philadelphia, PA
Valley CrossFit-Los Angeles, CA
CrossFit Toronto-Toronto, Ontario
CrossFit Rockford-Rockford, IL
CrossFit Portland-Portland, OR
CrossFit Boulder Creek-Boulder Creek, CA
CrossFit Atlanta-Atlanta, GA
CrossFit Oakland-Oakland, CA
CrossFit North Carolina-Raleigh, NC
CrossFit Oklahoma-McAlester, OK
CrossFit San Diego-San Diego, CA
CrossFit Sedona-Sedona, AZ
CrossFit Pierce County-Tacoma, WA
CrossFit Plano-Plano, TX
CrossFit Torii Beach-Okinawa, Japan
San Francisco CrossFit-San Francisco, CA
CrossFit Gulf Coast-Sarasota, FL
CrossFit Central-Austin, TX
CrossFit Eastside-Redmond, WA
CrossFit DC -Washington, DC
CrossFit Chula Vista-Chula Vista, CA
CrossFit Connecticut-Glastonbury, CT
San Diego CrossFit Weekend Warriors-San Diego, CA
CrossFit Ohio-Dayton, OH
CrossFit San Jose-San Jose, CA
CrossFit Denver-Denver, CO
CrossFit Long Beach-Long Beach, CA
CrossFit Maine-Portland, ME
CrossFit Central Scotland -Motherwell, Scotland
Peninsula CrossFit -Redwood City, CA
CrossFit Wichita Falls-Wichita Falls, TX
CrossFit Arizona-Casa Grande, AZ
Mt. Baker CrossFit-Mount Vernon, WA
CrossFit Cape Fear-Fayetteville, NC
CrossFit DPL Vancouver Island -Victoria, BC
CrossFit Montreal-Montreal, Quebec
CrossFit Stamford-Stamford, CT
CrossFit Fort Collins-Fort Collins, CO
CrossFit Missoula-Missoula, MT
CrossFit Los Altos-Los Altos, CA
CrossFit Marina-Huntington Beach, CA
CrossFit Oahu-Oahu, HI
Crossfit Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh, PA
Front Range CrossFit-Denver, CO
CrossFit SoCal-San Diego, CA
North Shore CrossFit-Topsfield, MA
CrossFit North Queensland -Townsville, NQ, Australia
Hybrid CrossFit-Virginia Beach, VA
CrossFit Santiago-Santiago, Chile
CrossFit Sydney-Sydney Australia
CrossFit NCR -Greely, ON, Canada
CrossFit Edna Valley-San Luis Obispo, CA
CrossFit Foster City-Foster City, CA
CrossFit Metro West -Natick, MA
CrossFit Fairfax-Fairfax, VA
CrossFit HEL -Portland, OR
CrossFit Buena Park -Buena Park, CA
Buckeye CrossFit -Canton, OH
CrossFit New Hampshire -Manchester, NH
Central Florida CrossFit -Lake County, FL
CrossFit Orange County -Dana Point, CA
CrossFit Westside -Vancouver, BC
CrossFit 24/7 -Winston-Salem, NC
CrossFit Michiana -South Bend, IN
CrossFit Mobile -Ottawa, ON, Canada
Progression Fitness -Reno, NV
CrossFit Champions -Houston, TX
CrossFit Ocean City MD -Ocean City, MD
CrossFit Sacramento -Sacramento, CA
CrossFit Flagstaff -Flagstaff, AZ
CrossFit Space Coast -Melbourne Beach, FL
CrossFit Victoria -Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Diablo CrossFit -Walnut Creek, CA
CrossFit Erie -Erie, PA
CrossFit One World -Union City, CA
CrossFit Calgary -Calgary, AB, Canada
Again Faster -Boston, MA
CrossFit Albuquerque -Albuquerque, NM
CrossFit St. John's -St Johns, NL, Canada
CrossFit A & M -College Station, TX
CrossFit Surf City -Fountain Valley, CA
CrossFit Vermont -Burlington, VT
CrossFit Whistler -Whistler, BC, Canada
CrossFit Las Vegas -Las Vegas, NV
CrossFit Newcastle -Newcastle, NSW, Australia
CrossFit Valencia -Valencia, CA
CrossFit Mebane -Mebane, NC
CrossFit St. Louis -St. Louis, MO
CrossFit South Surrey - South Surrey, BC Canada
CrossFit Parker Fire - Parker, CO
CrossFit swift.FIT -Brisbane, Australia
CrossFit Jersey Shore - Avon by the Sea, NJ
American Parkour -Washington DC
CrossFit Inland Empire -Redlands, CA
Primal Fitness -Washington DC
CrossFit Edmonton -Edmonton, AB, Canada
CrossFit Columbus -Columbus, OH
CrossFit Toledo -Toledo, OH
Steel City CrossFit -Hamilton, ON, Canada
SouthCoast Crossfit - Capistrano Beach, CA
CrossFit Tulsa -Tulsa, OK
Schwartz's CrossFit Melbourne -Melbourne, Australia
CrossFit NE Georgia -Gainesville, GA
CrossFit Dover -Dover, DE
CrossFit Rochester -Rochester, NY
CrossFit Manchester - Manchester, England
CrossFit Thousand Oaks -Thousand Oaks, CA
CrossFit Napa -Napa, CA
CrossFit Spokane -Spokane, WA
Sonz Jupiter -Jupiter, FL
CrossFit Houston -Houston, TX
CrossFit Port St. Lucie -Port St. Lucie, FL
CrossFit Central Connecticut -New Britain, CT
Capital CrossFit -Ottawa, ON, Canada
Indy CrossFit -Indianapolis, IN
CrossFit Minnesota -Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
CrossFit OKC -Oklahoma City, OK
CrossFit Norfolk -Norfolk, VA
CrossFit Corona -Corona, CA
CrossFit IOWA -Des Moines, IA
CrossFit Newcastle UK - Newcastle, UK
CrossFit RSM -Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
CrossFit RVA -Richmond, VA
CrossFit Flathead -Bigfork, MT
CrossFit Valdosta -Valdosta, GA
CrossFit Nashville -Nashville, TN
CrossFit Challenge-Alexandria, VA
Live Long CrossFit -Ocean City, MD
CrossFit Charlotte -Charlotte, NC
CrossFit Marin - Novato, CA
CrossFit Hickory -Hickory, NC
CrossFit Fairfield County -Bridgeport, CT
CrossFit Tyson's Corner -Fairfax, VA
CrossFit Evolution -Longwood, FL
Revolution Fitness -Boston, MA
CossFit West Virginia -Elk Garden, West Virginia
Crossfit Morris County -Denville, NJ
goCrossFit -Nashville, TN
CrossFit NorthWest -Seattle, WA
CrossFit 5280 -Castle Rock, CO
CrossFit Clarksville -Clarksville, TN
CrossFit Alexandria -Alexandria, VA
CrossFit Amelia Island -Fernandina Beach, FL
CrossFit Honolulu -Honolulu, HI
CrossFit Thoroughbreds -Ft. Myers, FL
CrossFit South Jersey -Tabernacle, NJ
CrossFit El Paso -El Paso, TX
Crossfit Omaha -Omaha, NE
CrossFit Flood -San Diego, CA
CrossFit CNY -Syracuse, NY
CrossFit Springhill -Mobile, AL
CrossFit Strong Medicine -Anthem, AZ
Cleveland Crossfit -Cleveland, OH
BTB CrossFit ATL -Atlanta, GA
CrossFit Cleveland - Cleveland, OH
Boyce's Martial Arts -Winchester, VA
CrossFit Legacy -Barberton, OH
Reviveyourlife Health & Fitness Systems -Worongary, QLD, Australia
Oceanside CrossFit -Oceanside, CA
CrossFit Park City -Park City, UT
Power Barn -Cheshire, CT
Crossfit Virginia Beach -Virginia Beach, VA
CrossFit Cincinnati -Cincinnati, OH
CrossFit Molokai -Kaunakakai, HI
Crossfit Montgomery -Montgomery, AL
CrossFit Langley -Langley, BC, Canada
CrossFit West Chester -Cincinnati, OH
Crossfit Henderson -Henderson, NC
Crossfit Sparta -Tampa, FL
Everyday Athlete -Portland, OR
CrossFit Delaware Valley - Springfield, PA
CrossFit Murrieta -Murrieta, CA
Jab Boxing Club -Westminster, CO
CrossFit Budapest -Budapest, Hungary
CrossFit Annapolis -Annapolis, MD
CrossFit Regina -Regina, SK, Canada
CrossFit San Antonio -San Antonio, TX
Sparta Performance Training -Longmont, CO
CrossFit South Bay -Torrance, CA
Mid Ohio CrossFit -Ashland, OH
North County CrossFit -Oceanside, CA
Boulder CrossFit -Boulder, CO
CrossFit Little Rock -Little Rock, AR
CrossFit South Bay -Long Beach, CA
CrossFit WFN - Kaysville, UT
Kentuckiana CrossFit -Louisville, KY
CrossFit Hardcore -Boca Raton, FL
CrossFit Performance Zone -Westlake Village, CA
Idaho Falls YMCA -Idaho Falls, ID
C.C. CrossFit -Corpus Christi, TX
CrossFit Agoge -Montrose, CO
CrossFit Simcoe County -Barrie, ON, Canada
CrossFit Northeast England -Chester-le-Street, UK
CrossFit Buffalo -Tonawanda, NY
Jeannie's Beach CrossFit -Virginia Beach, VA
CrossFit Rockwall -Rockwall, TX
CrossFit Generation -Hatboro-Horsham, PA
CrossFit Fredericton -Fredericton, NB, Canada
Core Elements -Grand Junction, CO

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Anonymous said...

Check out the Gold's gyms in Boston

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007