OMFG this sucked!

I had to change company PT time from 0615 to 0715 due to pool availability. So I went in at 0615 anyway, because I knew, and I was right, that at least 1 Marine would not get the message. So I did 20 minutes of punches, kicks, and combos on the heavy bag. Sat on a bike and read a book for 10 minutes, Walked for about 15 minutes, then some Marines started showing up.
Explained the WOD and the warm-up. After 3x5-15 of the CFWU ( I did 3x10) and 5 minutes of cardio machines (I ran at 5.5/10) to break a sweat we did the following:

100 Squats
500m swim (10 laps)
100 Squats

Squats were to have been air squats, with full range of motion, many lacked the full ROM. Good efforts, but we need to work on this. When you cheat the full range of motion, you cheat yourself. Integrity is something you can lose quickly, and never earn back.
I heard times from ~19:00 to ~28:00, still not keeping for records, but that grace period is winding down.
Good work done by all who showed.

Oh yeah, my time was 19:14, I beat my partner--he did 19:34.

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