5 man FGB

Five of us this AM, so I went for "Fight Gone Bad"
Exercises are executed on five stations, one minute per station, after each minute participants immediately switch to the next exercise until completing all 5 stations. This equals one round.
FGB= Three rounds, one minute break between rounds.
Exercises stations:
Deadlift with 2x 2/3 full 5 gallon water jugs
8lb rubber rifle thruster
Sumo Deadlift High Pull w/ makeshift cement and steel rod bars (~25#)
Ground Elbows mounted on a punch/kick shield
Box jumps onto 15inch sandbag parapet

No one to keep score, just went at it. This was the first FGB for all four of them.
It was a wrecking ball on my system. I am ready to fall down and nap, have been all day, and it will probably be an early night.

You've got to love it.

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