Brown Belt underway

Although I had attempted to get this going twice this past year, yesterday I once again started training towards my Brown Belt Instructor certification with the unit MAIT. The applicants are myself and a SSgt I have worked and trained with in the past. So far so good, only time will tell how far this attempt goes.

Today's work:
Stretching and static holds, breakfalls, combo work & the Basic Boxing Drill on pads, hip throw and shoulder throw

Good start.

Boots & Utes: MCMAP

Boots & Utes: MCMAP

PT this WEDNESDAY morning will be at Quick Hall sand pit in boots and Utes at 0615.
The work out will be a routine known simply as:
"Fight Gone Bad"
In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is taken before repeating for round two, then another one minute break, then the third and final round.
We'll complete 3 rounds of the following five stations on this iteration:

1. Wall-ball w/medicine ball, 10 or 8 ft target. (Reps)
2. Deadlift 2x5 gallon water can (Reps)
3. Sand Pit Parapet Jump w/flak jacket or w/out(Reps)
4. Push-press 45 pounds/Rubber Rifle (Reps)
5. Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) (Reps)

The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of "rotate," each Marine must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each repetition of each exercise.

Your score will fall into one of three categories:

Big Dogs: Use 10ft target for wall-ball, wear flak jacket during jumps, 45 lb bar for push-press and 20KG kettlebell for SDHP

Pack: 8ft target, no flak jacket, rubber rifle for push press, 16 KG kettlebell SDHP

Puppies: best effort on wall-ball, no flak jacket & step up vice jumps, rubber rifle for push press and 12 KG kettlebell for SDHP

All exercises will be demo'ed and fault checked for all hands prior to starting.

Hydrate and bring water.
!@#$%^&*()! 124
I got beat, fair and square.
All but two Marines used the Big Dogs scaling, I'll adjust next time since we're tougher than I thought, kudos.
The common CrossFit standard for FGB.
Fight Gone Bad used by Athletes for a Cure.


Push it real good

One run through the warm up.
Five rounds of:
3x shoulder press
3x push press
3x push jerk
Not putting the bar down the whole time

Me, a few warm ups w/45#: 55,65,75,85,100
Sgt V: 50,55,65,70,75

Some sticking points to work on, mainly involved the rack position and the push jerk. Its a jump under the bar that requires work and practice for the pay off.



Didn't work out this weekend, paying for that this AM.
Following this rep scheme, counting down:
20 KB Swings / 1 Burpee / 20 Dips
18 KB Swings / 2 Burpees / 18 Dips
16 KB Swings / 3 Burpees / 16 Dips
continueing until the count is...
2 KB Swings / 10 Burpees / 2 Dips
Me: 18:14
Sgt V: 38:10

For cool down did 5 rounds of handstand practice, holding as long as possible, trying to get off the wall as much as I could. Mostly doing 10-20 second HS's, 1-2 seconds away from wall at a time.


Rise and shine, early morning mountain PT

CFWU (minus dips/pull-ups)
For time:
10x12KG Kettlebell snatch (each hand)
2x16KG Two handed KB swing
8x12KG Kettlebell snatch
4x16KG Two handed KB swing
6x12KG Kettlebell snatch
6x16KG Two handed KB swing
4x12KG Kettlebell snatch
8x16KG Two handed KB swing
2x12KG Kettlebell snatch
10x16KG Two handed KB swing
50 Honest push-ups

Finished in 9:28, followed with 5 minute walk with Jelly Bean
and about a 1/2 hour later by about 1/2 hour on the paddleboat with Tiffany

Happy Anniversary

Celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. Spent two hours hiking through PA's Thunder Swamp Trail State Park with my wife, my brother, his wife and all four of our dogs. Great way to spend time, people (and dogs) you love, and a nice day walking through the woods.

This day also makes me reflect on us, and how I love her.


Sprints, agility runs, waiter's walk, & tabatas, oh my...

Me, my brother and my nephew, caught in some rain in the Poconos.
stretch & warm-up
5rounds of 10x deadlift + Burgener agility drills max efforts each round, resting while the others go through the drill.
2x 50m waiter's walk, drop weight sprint to start, turn and sprint to weight
Finished up with
Tabata lite:
20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest
3 rounds each jumping pull ups, push ups, squats
Good times.



Monsoon rains, PA style.
Five times:
5x 12KG KB swing L-Handed
5x 12KG KB swing R-Handed
5x 16KG KB swing 2-Handed

100ft waiter's walk 12KG KB (each hand)
100ft farmer's walk 16KG KB (each hand)
100ft CrossFit walk 12KG up/16KG down switch & repeat


Poconos Workout #1

After a 1 mile warm up run with the Jelly Bean,
Wife & Sister in law joined in...
They did 5x 25m run w/10,9,8,7,6 & 5 burpees
I did 10x:
25m farmers carry of 12 & 16 kg kettlebell, immediately dropping the weight sprint back to start then back to KBs, drop for 10 burpees, each round dropping 1 burpee for 10 rounds
Cool down: ran three 1/2 mile stretches, one with all three dogs...


So long, and thanks for all the squats!

After a CFWU of 2x15
With a continuously running clock, and a 45# barbell, do 1 squat the 1st minute, 2 the 2nd and so on, until you can no longer do the required # during that number round.
Me: 20 rounds +14 singles
Sgt V: 12 rounds +7
Sgt K (used the smith machine, added 2x10# plates to make it seem as difficult, and later took it off): 14 rounds flat
After we ran a treadmill mile at own best paces and found that all of our legs were toasted.

Late post from Wednesday

Boots & Utes Company PT

Late Post from Tuesday

CFWU 2x10
Press 1,1,1,1,1
Push-press 3,3,3,3,3
Push-jerk 1,1,1,1,1

Maxed press at 115
Maxed push-press at 135
Maxed push-jerk at 150

KTE 5x5



CFWU & a few @45# to show proper form
Watash: 95, 135, 155, 185, 225, 245, 275
Sgt V: 45, 95, 135, 145, 155, 165, 170
Showed the OHS, did 5x95, Sgt V did 3x45


5 man FGB

Five of us this AM, so I went for "Fight Gone Bad"
Exercises are executed on five stations, one minute per station, after each minute participants immediately switch to the next exercise until completing all 5 stations. This equals one round.
FGB= Three rounds, one minute break between rounds.
Exercises stations:
Deadlift with 2x 2/3 full 5 gallon water jugs
8lb rubber rifle thruster
Sumo Deadlift High Pull w/ makeshift cement and steel rod bars (~25#)
Ground Elbows mounted on a punch/kick shield
Box jumps onto 15inch sandbag parapet

No one to keep score, just went at it. This was the first FGB for all four of them.
It was a wrecking ball on my system. I am ready to fall down and nap, have been all day, and it will probably be an early night.

You've got to love it.


Morning remedials?!

I have not run Marines through remedial PT since I was a Sgt in 1999. But life is cyclical.
Me and two others, one by request, one by popular demand:

CFWU 3x 5-10
Five rounds for time of a circuit:
100m sprint
20 Body rows
10 Over Head Squats
5 KB swings (varying weights)

9:04 for me
14:34 for them, neck in neck at the end.

Well done.


Grown men cry, and there's not an ounce of shame in it.

OMFG this sucked!

I had to change company PT time from 0615 to 0715 due to pool availability. So I went in at 0615 anyway, because I knew, and I was right, that at least 1 Marine would not get the message. So I did 20 minutes of punches, kicks, and combos on the heavy bag. Sat on a bike and read a book for 10 minutes, Walked for about 15 minutes, then some Marines started showing up.
Explained the WOD and the warm-up. After 3x5-15 of the CFWU ( I did 3x10) and 5 minutes of cardio machines (I ran at 5.5/10) to break a sweat we did the following:

100 Squats
500m swim (10 laps)
100 Squats

Squats were to have been air squats, with full range of motion, many lacked the full ROM. Good efforts, but we need to work on this. When you cheat the full range of motion, you cheat yourself. Integrity is something you can lose quickly, and never earn back.
I heard times from ~19:00 to ~28:00, still not keeping for records, but that grace period is winding down.
Good work done by all who showed.

Oh yeah, my time was 19:14, I beat my partner--he did 19:34.


Ranting & Raving

Love this guy. He read my mind.
Check it.

1stPlt WOD, track game

2 warm up laps at a brisk pace.
1 lap sprinting the strait-aways.
1 lap running backwards.
1 lap in quarters, high knees/butt kickers.
1 lap cut in 8ths, side stepping inboard/outboard/karaoke inboard/outboard
1 lap sprint.
2 lap cool down at a brisk pace.

50m bear crawl.
50m crab walk.
50 m of forward shoulder rolls.


"old crusty bucket!"

Yep, that's me.

I'm warming up for the WOD at Federal Hill park and some kids, two boys and a girl, probably 12-14 years old, approach me in the aprk while I'm doing ring pull ups.
Here goes the rest:
1st kid: "YO Man! Let me play with those things!"
me: "no." (mid pull up with accompanying death stare)
1st kid: "You old crusty bucket!, I hope you fall!"
All three walked off and proceeded to cat call and sling both racial and age related epitaphs at me--harassing several couples swinging their young children on the nearby swing-set enough to make them all leave. While they were quite busy yelling racial slurs at me, they were also energetically applying themselves and their youthful talent to winding the swings violently around the set until they were too high for kids to play on. They soon tired of this sport and moved on, probably on to rob a liquor store or trip old ladies as they cross the street.
Who says's there's no hope for today's youth? Not me.

Anyway, I did manage to do the CFWU 2 of 15 then WOD from Wednesday:
For time:
50 Ring Dips
Run 400 meters
50 Push-ups
Run 400 meters
50 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters

Push-ups are honest push-ups. Handstand push-ups are "nose to floor".

25:55, Nearly as RX'd: I split the ring dips into sets, around 25 they were sets of 2 and 3, at 37 they were singles until 50, during HSPUs I had to switch to Incline push-ups after 12, as they were absolutely impossible (and my form sucked it after 9).

As a cool down I went over to the swingset and un-wound all the swings the shithead kids had wound-up. This was a great way to unleash the pent-up rage without taking it home with me.

Packed it in and came home, grabbed a 20kg BK and did 10 swings, then did 10x 1 handed cleans with each arm with a 16kg KB.

Way too long

I used to go down the list of affiliates of www.crossfit.com just to see what each had going on that day/week since I had last read up on them, that was more than a year ago when I first started doing CrossFit. I learned a lot.
Remembering all I learned from that when I was looking for a WOD today I thought about going through all the affiliates, but OMFG, the list (below) is just too damn long...

CrossFit HQ-Santa Cruz, CA
Crossfit Seattle-Seattle, WA
CrossFit East-Jacksonville, FL
CrossFit Kansas City-Kansas City, KS
Brand X Martial Arts -Ramona, CA
Rocky Mountain CrossFit-Golden, CO
Rainier CrossFit-Puyallup, WA
CrossFit-Mike's Gym-Vista, CA
CrossFit Los Angeles-Santa Monica, CA
CrossFit Milwaukee-Milwaukee, WI
CrossFit Austin-Austin, TX
CrossFit Ann Arbor-Ann Arbor, MI
CrossFit Santa Cruz-Santa Cruz, CA
CrossFit Vancouver-Vancouver, BC
The Pit-Arroyo Grande, CA
CrossFit HB-Huntington Beach, CA
Sports Specific Training-Rocklin, CA
CrossFit PR-San Juan, Puerto Rico
CrossFit Southwest-Tempe, AZ
CrossFit NYC-New York, NY
CrossFit London -London England
Elite Fitness Bootcamp-Monrovia, CA
CrossFit Chicago-Chicago, IL
CrossFit Nederland-Nederland
CrossFit Boston-Boston, MA
CrossFit Philly-Philadelphia, PA
Valley CrossFit-Los Angeles, CA
CrossFit Toronto-Toronto, Ontario
CrossFit Rockford-Rockford, IL
CrossFit Portland-Portland, OR
CrossFit Boulder Creek-Boulder Creek, CA
CrossFit Atlanta-Atlanta, GA
CrossFit Oakland-Oakland, CA
CrossFit North Carolina-Raleigh, NC
CrossFit Oklahoma-McAlester, OK
CrossFit San Diego-San Diego, CA
CrossFit Sedona-Sedona, AZ
CrossFit Pierce County-Tacoma, WA
CrossFit Plano-Plano, TX
CrossFit Torii Beach-Okinawa, Japan
San Francisco CrossFit-San Francisco, CA
CrossFit Gulf Coast-Sarasota, FL
CrossFit Central-Austin, TX
CrossFit Eastside-Redmond, WA
CrossFit DC -Washington, DC
CrossFit Chula Vista-Chula Vista, CA
CrossFit Connecticut-Glastonbury, CT
San Diego CrossFit Weekend Warriors-San Diego, CA
CrossFit Ohio-Dayton, OH
CrossFit San Jose-San Jose, CA
CrossFit Denver-Denver, CO
CrossFit Long Beach-Long Beach, CA
CrossFit Maine-Portland, ME
CrossFit Central Scotland -Motherwell, Scotland
Peninsula CrossFit -Redwood City, CA
CrossFit Wichita Falls-Wichita Falls, TX
CrossFit Arizona-Casa Grande, AZ
Mt. Baker CrossFit-Mount Vernon, WA
CrossFit Cape Fear-Fayetteville, NC
CrossFit DPL Vancouver Island -Victoria, BC
CrossFit Montreal-Montreal, Quebec
CrossFit Stamford-Stamford, CT
CrossFit Fort Collins-Fort Collins, CO
CrossFit Missoula-Missoula, MT
CrossFit Los Altos-Los Altos, CA
CrossFit Marina-Huntington Beach, CA
CrossFit Oahu-Oahu, HI
Crossfit Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh, PA
Front Range CrossFit-Denver, CO
CrossFit SoCal-San Diego, CA
North Shore CrossFit-Topsfield, MA
CrossFit North Queensland -Townsville, NQ, Australia
Hybrid CrossFit-Virginia Beach, VA
CrossFit Santiago-Santiago, Chile
CrossFit Sydney-Sydney Australia
CrossFit NCR -Greely, ON, Canada
CrossFit Edna Valley-San Luis Obispo, CA
CrossFit Foster City-Foster City, CA
CrossFit Metro West -Natick, MA
CrossFit Fairfax-Fairfax, VA
CrossFit HEL -Portland, OR
CrossFit Buena Park -Buena Park, CA
Buckeye CrossFit -Canton, OH
CrossFit New Hampshire -Manchester, NH
Central Florida CrossFit -Lake County, FL
CrossFit Orange County -Dana Point, CA
CrossFit Westside -Vancouver, BC
CrossFit 24/7 -Winston-Salem, NC
CrossFit Michiana -South Bend, IN
CrossFit Mobile -Ottawa, ON, Canada
Progression Fitness -Reno, NV
CrossFit Champions -Houston, TX
CrossFit Ocean City MD -Ocean City, MD
CrossFit Sacramento -Sacramento, CA
CrossFit Flagstaff -Flagstaff, AZ
CrossFit Space Coast -Melbourne Beach, FL
CrossFit Victoria -Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Diablo CrossFit -Walnut Creek, CA
CrossFit Erie -Erie, PA
CrossFit One World -Union City, CA
CrossFit Calgary -Calgary, AB, Canada
Again Faster -Boston, MA
CrossFit Albuquerque -Albuquerque, NM
CrossFit St. John's -St Johns, NL, Canada
CrossFit A & M -College Station, TX
CrossFit Surf City -Fountain Valley, CA
CrossFit Vermont -Burlington, VT
CrossFit Whistler -Whistler, BC, Canada
CrossFit Las Vegas -Las Vegas, NV
CrossFit Newcastle -Newcastle, NSW, Australia
CrossFit Valencia -Valencia, CA
CrossFit Mebane -Mebane, NC
CrossFit St. Louis -St. Louis, MO
CrossFit South Surrey - South Surrey, BC Canada
CrossFit Parker Fire - Parker, CO
CrossFit swift.FIT -Brisbane, Australia
CrossFit Jersey Shore - Avon by the Sea, NJ
American Parkour -Washington DC
CrossFit Inland Empire -Redlands, CA
Primal Fitness -Washington DC
CrossFit Edmonton -Edmonton, AB, Canada
CrossFit Columbus -Columbus, OH
CrossFit Toledo -Toledo, OH
Steel City CrossFit -Hamilton, ON, Canada
SouthCoast Crossfit - Capistrano Beach, CA
CrossFit Tulsa -Tulsa, OK
Schwartz's CrossFit Melbourne -Melbourne, Australia
CrossFit NE Georgia -Gainesville, GA
CrossFit Dover -Dover, DE
CrossFit Rochester -Rochester, NY
CrossFit Manchester - Manchester, England
CrossFit Thousand Oaks -Thousand Oaks, CA
CrossFit Napa -Napa, CA
CrossFit Spokane -Spokane, WA
Sonz Jupiter -Jupiter, FL
CrossFit Houston -Houston, TX
CrossFit Port St. Lucie -Port St. Lucie, FL
CrossFit Central Connecticut -New Britain, CT
Capital CrossFit -Ottawa, ON, Canada
Indy CrossFit -Indianapolis, IN
CrossFit Minnesota -Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
CrossFit OKC -Oklahoma City, OK
CrossFit Norfolk -Norfolk, VA
CrossFit Corona -Corona, CA
CrossFit IOWA -Des Moines, IA
CrossFit Newcastle UK - Newcastle, UK
CrossFit RSM -Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
CrossFit RVA -Richmond, VA
CrossFit Flathead -Bigfork, MT
CrossFit Valdosta -Valdosta, GA
CrossFit Nashville -Nashville, TN
CrossFit Challenge-Alexandria, VA
Live Long CrossFit -Ocean City, MD
CrossFit Charlotte -Charlotte, NC
CrossFit Marin - Novato, CA
CrossFit Hickory -Hickory, NC
CrossFit Fairfield County -Bridgeport, CT
CrossFit Tyson's Corner -Fairfax, VA
CrossFit Evolution -Longwood, FL
Revolution Fitness -Boston, MA
CossFit West Virginia -Elk Garden, West Virginia
Crossfit Morris County -Denville, NJ
goCrossFit -Nashville, TN
CrossFit NorthWest -Seattle, WA
CrossFit 5280 -Castle Rock, CO
CrossFit Clarksville -Clarksville, TN
CrossFit Alexandria -Alexandria, VA
CrossFit Amelia Island -Fernandina Beach, FL
CrossFit Honolulu -Honolulu, HI
CrossFit Thoroughbreds -Ft. Myers, FL
CrossFit South Jersey -Tabernacle, NJ
CrossFit El Paso -El Paso, TX
Crossfit Omaha -Omaha, NE
CrossFit Flood -San Diego, CA
CrossFit CNY -Syracuse, NY
CrossFit Springhill -Mobile, AL
CrossFit Strong Medicine -Anthem, AZ
Cleveland Crossfit -Cleveland, OH
BTB CrossFit ATL -Atlanta, GA
CrossFit Cleveland - Cleveland, OH
Boyce's Martial Arts -Winchester, VA
CrossFit Legacy -Barberton, OH
Reviveyourlife Health & Fitness Systems -Worongary, QLD, Australia
Oceanside CrossFit -Oceanside, CA
CrossFit Park City -Park City, UT
Power Barn -Cheshire, CT
Crossfit Virginia Beach -Virginia Beach, VA
CrossFit Cincinnati -Cincinnati, OH
CrossFit Molokai -Kaunakakai, HI
Crossfit Montgomery -Montgomery, AL
CrossFit Langley -Langley, BC, Canada
CrossFit West Chester -Cincinnati, OH
Crossfit Henderson -Henderson, NC
Crossfit Sparta -Tampa, FL
Everyday Athlete -Portland, OR
CrossFit Delaware Valley - Springfield, PA
CrossFit Murrieta -Murrieta, CA
Jab Boxing Club -Westminster, CO
CrossFit Budapest -Budapest, Hungary
CrossFit Annapolis -Annapolis, MD
CrossFit Regina -Regina, SK, Canada
CrossFit San Antonio -San Antonio, TX
Sparta Performance Training -Longmont, CO
CrossFit South Bay -Torrance, CA
Mid Ohio CrossFit -Ashland, OH
North County CrossFit -Oceanside, CA
Boulder CrossFit -Boulder, CO
CrossFit Little Rock -Little Rock, AR
CrossFit South Bay -Long Beach, CA
CrossFit WFN - Kaysville, UT
Kentuckiana CrossFit -Louisville, KY
CrossFit Hardcore -Boca Raton, FL
CrossFit Performance Zone -Westlake Village, CA
Idaho Falls YMCA -Idaho Falls, ID
C.C. CrossFit -Corpus Christi, TX
CrossFit Agoge -Montrose, CO
CrossFit Simcoe County -Barrie, ON, Canada
CrossFit Northeast England -Chester-le-Street, UK
CrossFit Buffalo -Tonawanda, NY
Jeannie's Beach CrossFit -Virginia Beach, VA
CrossFit Rockwall -Rockwall, TX
CrossFit Generation -Hatboro-Horsham, PA
CrossFit Fredericton -Fredericton, NB, Canada
Core Elements -Grand Junction, CO

Video now, workout later...

Haven't worked out yet, but this guy's video is awesome, watch THIS.


Twenty minutes and a swim

Ran 1 mile on treadmill, CFWU 3 rds of 7.
As many rounds as possible in twenty minutes of:
5 L pull-ups
15 Back Extensions
12 rds + 1 L p/u
Swim cool down,
5 laps
did 10 pull ups on the dive platform on 1 end,
10 dips on the pool's edge on the other.
Good stuff.

Check out the G4 tv Ninja Warrior contest's CrossFitter entry HERE:


Getting it in when I can

Had 55 minutes during lunch.
No warm-up, light stretching, and launched directly into this:
For time--21,15,9, & 3 rep rounds of...
Jumping pull-ups
25# DB swing
45# bar thruster
45# plate sumo deadlift high pull
for 8:28
Made it back to work w/ a few minutes to get a snack.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007