Second Intro to Combat Conditioning

Did a round of stretching exercises for ~5 minutes.
Explained the good Doctor Tabata's protocol and the devilishly delightful ideas of high intensity interval training.
Executed 5 rounds 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest of: (my lowest)
Squats (16)
Overhead rifle press (22)
Sit-ups (17)
Explained further the need for full body metabolic conditioning due to the three fuel pathways of the body.
Explained thrusters, and demonstrated using an 8 lb rubber M16 rifle.
Explained the differneces between kipping and deadhang pull-ups, demo'ed kips, then assisted, then jumping pull-ups. Showed the relative work values of moving the body up and down in a full range of motion regardless of method.
Went through a modified "Fran"
21, 15,9 rep rounds of pull-ups (how ever one can get over the bar as demo'ed) and thrusters with the rubber M16.
5:11 to just over 12 minutes was the range.
Cool down, went over the need to hydrate, and released.
57 minutes total for the entire training session for 11 Marines.

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