Mullins Track- Broomstick Mile

Slightly different Broomstick Mile
Ran in boots and utilities or "Boots and Utes",
Some used 5 ft of PVC, some used an 8 lb rubber rifle.
I wore a flak jacket, to make it fair.
For time:
25 Overhead Squats
25 Front Squats
25 Deadlifts
400m run
25 Overhead Squats
25 Shoulder Press
25 Push-press
400m run
50 Squats
400m run
25 Thrusters
400m run

Need to stress the basics.
My personal was 14:43, slowest Marine was 17:45
All finished, no pukers.
Skill-based cool down:
MCMAP breakfalls
10 back breakfalls
10 front break falls
5 right breakfalls
5 left breakfalls
everyone demonstrated the ability to do at elast 2-3 forward shoulder rolls.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007