Ft Meade Golf Course

Fast group, sub 24 minute PFT
Indian run around course...
~1.5 miles 21 Burpees
~2.25 18 Burpees
~100m before the end 15 Burpees
~35 minutes

Static effort to get back in the groove

CFWU 3x10
Grease the groove: 5x5
135# benchpress
135# back squats
Knees to Elbows


Traveling sucks sometimes

Don't get me wrong, it is good to have firends, be friends, keep friends and visit friends. But friends are also those special people that make one get on the road, disrupt the diet, disrupt the workouts, drive inordinate lengths to undesirable locales and stay on fotons, floors and couches.
Friends are great.

Getting back in the swing of things after a rough weekend:
stretching followed by...
25,15, 5 rep rounds of:
20kg Kettlebell deadlift
16kg Kettlebell SDHP
12kg Kettlebell swings



Rings and things

15,12,9,6,3 round reps for time of:
ring pull ups
12kg KB swings
Finished w/5x5 of dips & 36" box jumps


20 pull ups
100 crunches in 2:00
3 mile run in 20:56


Overhead Squats

Nice way to prep for a PFT manana...
CFWU 1x10, 1x5
OHS 3,3,3,3,3,3,3
5x5 KTEs
15 minutes on the treadmill for cooldown
5@15/3.3, 5@10/4.0, 5@5/3.0


What was all that about?

Couldn't tell you why, but I haven't worked out for about a week or more...
Change of Command today, 1330.
Woke up and warmed up with kettle bells:
7,5,3,1 reps of
20kg deadlifts
16kg SDHPs
12kg kb swings
ran 1/2 mile, leapt 2 at a time up the steps to Federal Hill park, ran 1/2 mile back 9:25
cooled down by taking the dog for a jog around three blocks
(with various sprints after birds and squirrels)


Diana, Queen of the Hunt

This Dianne plus up was an ass kicker.
15,12,9,6, and 3 rep rounds of
135# Deadlift (I scaled from 185 Rx)
Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPUs)
and vertical leap 1 foot about standing max reach
~7 minutes, as I had to use the wall clock.
ASSKICKER, period.
After I walked 5 minutes 3/3, rowed 500m, ran 5 min, rowed 500m, walked 3/3 for you guessed it... 5 minutes.


Two days left in Corry

CFWU x 15
4 rounds for time of
Run 400m
20x 35# Thrusters


Working out should be fun, right?

So after a few days of crampy, achey, crappy, feverish flu-like symptoms I quit my whining and got back to the gym. I didn't do a WOD, but just did some 'play'--a little of this, a little of that, just did things to do them, to remind myself that I do enjoy this.
3x3 of...
DB press 30,35,40
Bench Press 95, 115, 135
Deadlift 135, 175, 185
Overhead Squats 65, 85, 95
Front Squat 75, 85, 95
Clean 65, 75, 85
Weighted Pull ups 40, 45, 50
Snatch 75, 85, 90
Farmers walk, 50' up and down a flight a stairs, 50' back: 40, 45, 50 DBs
2x Row 500m/Run 1/2 mile
Walked at 3.0/3.0 for 10 minutes
Yes, working out should be fun, sometimes its good to go in with no plan, no agenda, nothing to prove and just enjoy working out.
It doesn't have to be fun to be fun, right?


Farmers Walk + Waiters walk = CrossFit Walk

31yom, 168#, 5'8"
Burgener warm up
5x power snatch
5x OHS
5x Straight leg deadlift
Snatch: 1,1,1,1,1,1,1:
3x45,65,75,85,95,105 FAILED! So... laddered back down to the beginning, 95,85,75,65,3x45
5x5 KTEs
Farmers walk 50ft w/2x75# DBs
CrossFit walk 50 ft and up down 1 flight of stairs x2 switching up/down


Wall Ball & Pull ups

Ran a half mile and rowed 500m,
CFWU x 15, w/25# weighted pull-ups & dips & 45# bar for OHS...
Five rounds for time of:
25 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball - 10 foot target
30 Pull-ups
wow, 4 days off for travel and a wedding take their toll.
31 yom, 186#, 5'8"
subbed jumping pull ups w/ bar 6" above max standing reach and used a 10# ball
After walked 10 laps waiters walk of the basketball court w/medicine ball, changing hands each turn

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007