Back Squats, and then some...

Back Squats 5x5

then a weightless "Linda",
timeless also, since my stopwatch stopped on hitting the floor...
5x5 of GHD sit-ups
and 20 minutes alternating between:
moving & shadow-boxing,
hitting combos on the heavy bag,
and hitting the speed bag.


Roberto said...

I'm on I&I up in NY with MAG-49. I'm a Green Belt Instructor also and have just found out about Crossfit. I'm starting to do the exercises on my own and love/hate it already. I would love to talk some about MCMAP and Crossfit. Look me up on the global at work.
Semper Fi,
Rob Cuevas

John said...

Glad to hear your interest. I've been trying to follow the CrossFit program, mostly with success, since Nov of '05. It's easy with the videos (which are getting better and better) and the website (specifically the message board and affiliates), to get into CrossFit and work it into your MCMAP drills. I do recommend that you ease into it, especially with your Marines, introduce the exercises and you'll be surprised at both how hard you scare off the feint of heart and how quickly the motivated few will take to it.
I am not on global, I work around DC and am not on a .mil account. My old accounts may still be on, but I no longer get those e-mails.
Is MAG-49 at Willow Grove? I have been to the gym thgere with its full set of kettlebells, I was jealous as hell. Let me know what questions you have.
Semper Fi,

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007