Rowing/Med Ball

Three rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
50 Wall Ball shots
CFWU of 15, walked 5min at 2.5/2.5
Subbed 10 lb med ball, 6 ft ceilings so I did med ball thrusters ending in a toss straight up, arms fully extending, in which the ball tapped the tile without knocking it out of the ceiling.
Walked 10 at 10/2.5
5x 1 minute speed bag rounds


CFHQ from Monday 070528

Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
50 pound Weighted pull-ups, 5 reps
Bodyweight overhead squat, 5 reps
Scale as needed.
I cut this in half, or thereabouts
# DB weighted pull-ups, 80# OHS,
and half the time, so about 40% Rx overall.

Ran 1 mile, stretched upper body, then...
7 rounds in 10 minutes

Finished w/ 10 KTEs & 1000m row (4:46)



Treadmill, 5 min at 5.0/2.5 then the CFWU, followed by...


Did this with slight mod,
He does 10 rounds of 15 x 135# deadlifts & push-ups
I did 10 rounds of 10 x 135# deadlifts & push-ups.

Finished up with 5 minutes walking at 5.0/3.3, then 1000m row (5:04)


Deadlifts and stuff, still at Corry Station

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Treadmill 5 min at 5/3.0
500m row in 2:33
CFWU 12x2
135, 185,235,255,275,285,290
135# Bench Press 5x5
5x 5/5 KTE/GHD Sit-ups
10 minutes treadmill 5/3.0

Feeling bummed-out today cause the Iceman got knocked out last night.
I hope he knows its not the end of the world, and just like after his fight with the Natural he can come back a return the favor to Rampage. In life it's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you can get back up that really makes a difference.


Cindy does Corry Station

10 Minute walk on increasing inlcine treadmill.
CFWU x15

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

31 year old male, 168 lbs, 5 foot 8 inches

15 rounds + 5 pull-ups

10 minute coold down walk on 10/2.5



That's for my fellow Marines, if you want to get in touch with me, let me know, but I'm not on Global.
1000m row for warm-up.
Today's WOD from the rest day video here,
For time:
10x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
1 weighted pull-up (15#DB)
9x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
2x weighted pull-up (15#DB)
8x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
3x weighted pull-up (15#DB)
7x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
4x weighted pull-up (15#DB)
6x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
5x weighted pull-up (15#DB)
5x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
6x weighted pull-up (15#DB)
4x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
7x weighted pull-up (15#DB)
3x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
8x weighted pull-up (15#DB)
2x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
9x weighted pull-up (15#DB)
1x 20# DB Clean & Jerk
10x weighted pull-up (15#DB)

10x GHD sit-ups/back extensions & 500m row for cool-down.


Up in the morning with the risin' sun...

From www.crossfit.com on
Sunday 070520:


Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

After the CFWU & a 500m row (they have a C2!)

I subbed 65# on the OHS and ran on treadmill in next room from bar for 16:56

Finished w/10 GHD sit-ups & another 500m row on the C2

3x 1 minute rounds on the speed bag for practice after...


This was the WOD from the video they were making...

While I visited mecca they did this WOD, I'm glad to finally catch up;

(you can see me for like 6 seconds here, on the left in the doorway at the very beginning)

3 rounds for time of:
Walking lunge, 100 ft
50 Squats
25 Back extensions

1 mile run on the treadmill
135# DL 2x10
5x5 KTEs




Fran variant

CFHQ called it "Fran on Crack" I adjusted it for my speed and ability, so to most it's probably more like:
"Fran after too many pixy sticks"
21,18,15,12,9,7,3 rep rounds of,
45# Barbell Thrusters (started w/65, dropped the plates after round 1)
Jumping Pull-ups (started w/regular pull-ups, went to jumping after round 1)
Made some changes do to a twinge in my shoulder after round 1 (21)
Time: 11:08
Ended up on the treadmill for a cool down, 10 minutes walking at middle incline, then 5 rounds of 1 minute on the speed bag


Back Squats, and then some...

Back Squats 5x5

then a weightless "Linda",
timeless also, since my stopwatch stopped on hitting the floor...
5x5 of GHD sit-ups
and 20 minutes alternating between:
moving & shadow-boxing,
hitting combos on the heavy bag,
and hitting the speed bag.


Push Presses

Post load to comments
3x5 KTEs


WOD from www.crossfitsantacruz.com
100 Overhead squats for form
complete 21-15-9 reps of
sumo deadlift high pull
100 Overhead Squats for form


followed quickly by 3x50 ft/50#DB farmers walks & 3x25#DB waiters walk on each side


TAD again

Checking out the very small gym at Corry Station for the WOD from last Thursday:

Five rounds for time of:
45 pound Power clean, 21 reps
12 Handstand push-ups (feet on wall)

Trying to get back into a regular workout schedule, too many trips too often, one after the other.


A week in Monterey (CFHQ rocks)

Just got back, its late, but I'm wide awake from being on Pacific standard time.
Several workouts in the NPS gymnasium, worth mentioning only because they have a rower, speedbag and heavybag amidst the usual fluff.
One long slow run from NPS along the water to the Monterey Bay Aquarium- beautiful- period.
Oh yeah:
And one trip to the CrossFit mecca, CFHQ in Santa Cruz, dove right in for their WOD:
As many rounds in 20 minutes of 5 big box jumps, 10 L pull-ups & 15 Knees to elbows. I managed to crank out a miserable 3, and 9 KTEs shy of finishing a fourth. My form was HORRIBLE. For shame.
The poeple I met were awesome. Annie, Hollis, Brendan and Tony were all very welcoming and very gracious of their time and my goofy semi-hero worship.
My sincere thanks for your time (and for the Rhabdo t-shirt!)
Semper Fi all,

See me in the back sucking wind!


lucky 7's

3x CFWU of 7
5 rounds of
1/2 mile run
7 20kg KB swings
7 deadhang pull-ups



Knocked out the CFWU 2x12

Presses 7,7,7
95, 100, 102
Push presses 5,5,5
97, 102, 107
Push jerk 3,3,3
102, 107, 112

KTE 5x5
10 minutes walk on max incline treadmill

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007