Fun in the sun

It was sunny, what can I say...
12kg KB
45 lb Oly bar
3 rounds for time of:
50 KB swings
7 Pull-ups,
7 Dips
7 Cleans



Taught 2 & 1/2 hours of Gray Belt: Hip Throw, Armed Manipulations, Rear Choke & drills.
After went directly to the gym for the WOD from....

Thursday 070322:

Push press: 3,3,3,3,3,3,3
CFWU, 95,115,115,125,125,130,135
Ended w/21xOly Bar...


MCMAP Functional Fitness

3 rounds,21-15-9 reps, for time:
400 m sprint
In the 16 person class, 1 beat me.
Time was irrelevant.
Afterwards, 2 hours of Gray Belt MCMAP class, followed by guided-discussion on the 14 Leadership Traits.


Platoon PT: Dirtbag mile and a half

Dirtbag Mile (& 1/2):
2 laps of the PFT course with one Marine carying or being carried at all times.
Each change over during the 1st lap = 15 push-ups, during the second lap = 15 ROK jumping jacks.

1st squad won. Me and my squad gave them 15 8 count body-builders as rewards

Finished with 3 rounds of 1 min L-holds to bent knee holds, to hanging from the bar as best each person could hang. After three rounds did a max set of dips/pulls ups


Federal Hill park run

Not to be daunted by cold weather, I ran from the house to Federal Hill park: one lap of the small loop and one lap of the big loop.

Just needed a pick me up... no warm-up, no WOD, just a brisk 1.5 mile run.

No timer, but probably ~13-14 minutes.


Simple Plan

The plan is simple, keep working out until I get a 285+ pft this spring:
5 rounds for time:
300m run
7 20KG KB swings
12 Ring Dips
5x5 KTEs,
3x7 1 handed KB deadlifts,
5 x 1 min on jump rope


Platoon MCMAP

5x suicides on regulation basketball courts, 3/4 mile indian sprints w/10 Marines
followed by..
Tan Belt Sustainment: Counters to Chokes and Holds
10 Marine bull-in-the-ring session
good times had by all...


CFT work

Work towards actually doing the CrossFit Total some day...
5x5 Deadlifts:
135,185,225, 245,255
5x5 Shoulder Press:
45,65,95,115 stopped after I realise I was doing a push-press, dropped to 75,85,95
10 minutes of treadmill, max incline, walk 5 min, run 5 min.


1st 3 days in a row in a while.

So many things can keep you away from the WOD, no gym no time no motivation no reason to keep making excuses anymore--MAKE TIME!

0630 on base:
5x5 CFWU
5x5 Hang Squat Cleans
45, 65, 75, 95, 100

Gotta get back in the saddle, PFT will be here before I know it.


Platoon Tabata This

Tabata This:
8 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest of...
Push presses (45 Oly Bar, 20 lb fixed bar, 8.9 lb rubber rifle)
Push Ups

Followed by three max sets of pull-ups & dips

Lots of fun.

Yesterday AM

Base gym=free
CrossFit T-Shirt=$19
Having someone else walk up, know you're about to do the WOD & join you=priceless

Front Squat 3,3,3,3,3,3,3:

95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155

3x7 barbell snatch w/just the olympic bar
3x7 KTE's for fun

CrossFit: Membership has its privileges.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007