Running?! sweet.

3 rounds, 21-15-9 for time:
1/4 mile run
25# db push press
12kg KB swing

5 laps fw w/25#db's
5 laps ww 2/kb
2 laps fw w/50#db's



But as of this week the only shape I feel in is round.
Gotta get some motivation.


OK, 201 and counting... (slowly...)

So be careful the milestones you celebrate, and how loudly you celebrate them. No sooner had I patted myself on the back for my 200th post, than I just get lazy and don't workout until today.
5min Elliptical warm-up
2x12 CFWU
5x5 DB Presses: 30,35,40,45,50
5x5 12kg KB swings
10 laps waiters walk w the KB
5 laps farmers walk w/35#DBs


200th post. sweet.


30,20,10 reps for time of:
20kg KB SDHP
25#DB Push Press
Side Straddle Hops

5 laps around the gym w/25# DB Farmer's walk
5x5 one handed deadlift w/20kg KB on each side
5 laps Waiter's Walk w/20kg KB


"the 300"

Inspired by Gates of Fire by Pressfield.
For time:
25 One handed 20kg KB deadlift (left)
25 One handed 20kg KB deadlift (right)
50 16kg KB sumo deadlift high pulls
50 12kg KB Swings
25 One handed 20kg KB deadlift (left)
25 One handed 20kg KB deadlift (right)
50 16kg KB sumo deadlift high pulls
50 12kg KB Swings

300 total reps: 18:30
Walked the dog for 10 minutes outside in th cold as a cool down.


For kicks (cause KBs are too fun)

Not truly a WOD, however, the kettlebells ARE fun.

One handed push-press (both sides).
21 w/12kg KB
15 w/16kg KB
9 w/20kg KB


**LATE POST** from Monday 14 Jan 07

CFWU of 3x10
Today's WOD for time:
Row 1000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 30 reps*
Row 1000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 20 reps*
Row 1000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 10 reps*

*Subbed push ups w/feet on 10 in step for bench press


Heavy bag for 10 minutes
KTEs 5x5


12kg, 16kg & 20kg Kettlebell WOD

No real warm-up today (bad)
16kg KB one handed press
12kg KB OHS
16kg SDHP
12kg one handed KB swing
20kg Deadlift

Slow lifts, good heartrate throughout but not completed for time.

After a short rest, some abs training:
50 Straight leg sit ups
50 USMC crunches
50 "Hello Dolly's"
50 Leg Lifts
50 Steam Engines

After that, tried to figure out how to do some Russian Kettlebell windmills and Turkish Get-ups:
did one each with the 12kgKB

done and done


Toe in the water again... but its cold.

For time:
100 x 20#DB Benchpress & 100 x 26#KB Swings


Last day in Philly

Rowed for 3 minutes for warm-up
Deadlifts 5,5,5,5,5
Played around with the stack of kettlebells that I'm still very impressed with:
one armed cleans, swings
550m row to end it.


Willow Grove Gym

Wish I were stationed at NAS Willow Grove, PA.
They have a CONCEPT 2 ergometer, a whole set of powermax kettlebells, and an Olympic Lifting Platform (no bumper plates though, sigh...)
Anyway, did the WOD from today
I subbed some:
As many rounds as possible of 10x45# thruster and 12 jumping pull-ups in 20 minutes.
I managed 11 rounds plus 10 thrusters and 5 jumping pull ups in 20 minutes.
Meanwhile Tiff hit the eliptical for 20 solid minutes.
Together we did 5x5 KTEs.



Before me and Tiff drove to Philly today I managed to work out with the 2 new kettlebells I got from www.performbetter.com :
3min bike & CFWU warm-up
5 x for time
20x 44lbKB deadlift
20x sit-ups
20x 26lbKB swing

3min bike cool down


Workout with T-money

three rounds 21,15,9 reps of:
3minute run (her) /bike (me and my broke-ass toe)
Sumo Deadlift High-pulls (10#db her/30#db me)

She: 5 minutes walk to coold donw
me: 5x5 50#db shrugs, 5x5 iron chair situps


A nautical theme day

5 x CFWU of 10

2500m row on a CONCEPT II (first time) in 14:50

Swam 10 laps for some variety and active cooldown.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007