Clock is ticking (from 30 Dec)

CFWU of 12
3 rounds for time of:
25 x 20#DB power clean
25 x 10#DB Press
25 x 30#DB SDHP
~7 minutes by the wall clock...

25x flutter kicks
25x leg lifts
25x sit ups


Navy Medicine finally comes through

ER vist tells me no break, have some motrin and ice it. Follow up PA tells me there's a fracture, here's a hard soled shoe thingie, have some mortin and ice it.

I get in to see an Orthopedic specialist, who upon further x-ray and an actual exam of the toe gives me this fine example of technology and ingenuity called an aircast.
Go Navy.


Actually did today's WOD from CFHQ

Shoulder Press 3,3,3,3,3

Walked 10 minutes (slowly & carefully)
Biked 10 minutes
w/ pairs of dumbbells
25, 35, 40, 45, 50

5x5 leg raises/sit-ups

finished by walking the dog around the block for his morning WOD


Tuesday after Chrsitmas

5 rounds for time:

1/2 mile bike
12 reps each:
15#db thrusters
25#push press
10#db press


5x5 of v-ups/sit-ups

MMA on 60 Minutes

MMA video clip on CBS: 60 Minutes



Five rounds, one minute break in between:
20 shameful lat pull downs (no pull up bar)
20 25#DB RDL
20 GHD sit-ups
20 strict 15#DB Presses
20 25#DB Bench Presses
slowest round was 4:43

Broken toe is precluding my motivation.
I want to work out, do oly-lifts, spar, jump...
I can't...


Monday's mess

Ran 1/2 mile, walked 1/4 mile with my dog Jelly Bean, for a warm up.
3 rounds (21,15,9) for time:
35#db deadlifts
GHD sit ups
25#db benchpress
50#db/50 ft farmer's walk

After this I returned to military sickcall to discover that the dislocated toe of two weeks ago was actually the avulsion fracture of the second toe of two weeks ago. I love Naval Medicine. It sometimes leads me to beleive its being conducted by naval oranges, or navels. Not sure which, but not by medical professionals as modern America knows the term.


Jelly Bean

Another day wih the stationary bike.
6x through
0.3 mile medium pace bike,
12 15#DB Thrusters
12 Sit Ups

Forgetten watch leads me to believe ~12 minutes...
followed by three laps of the gym farmers walking the DB's,
finished w/50 iron chair sit ups with a jab/cross combo on the top.


A case of the MONDAYS?!?!?!

Fire alarm at 0515, what's a guy to do? Some CrossFit of course.
2xCFWU w/100# lat pull down subbed (arhhggggg, no pull up bar!!!!)
5 rounds for time (even though I forgot my watch):
10x 25#DB press
10x50#DB deadlift
1/3 mile stationary bike on medium setting.
~12 minutes

Dislocated toe #2 happened last week (Tuesday, after a month off from BJJ due to a sprained thumb). Probably dashed my hopes of becoming the UFC lightweight champ for good.
boo hiss



5 Minutes steep incline treadmill walking

Jumping Jacks
Arm circles to the front & to the rear
Iron Chair
25# DB Bench Presses
Push ups
20#DB strict shoulder press
25# DB Pushpress
Iron Chair
Jumping Jacks

5 minutes stationary bicycle


For time:
Run up four stories of stairs,
10 push ups,
Run down,
10 25#DB Swings
10 25# DB Pushpresses
4 25#DB Power Cleans
Run up four stories of stairs,
10 push ups,
Run down,
8 25#DB Swings
10 25# DB Pushpresses
6 25#DB Power Cleans
Run up four stories of stairs,
10 push ups,
Run down,
6 25#DB Swings
10 25# DB Pushpresses
8 25#DB Power Cleans
Run up four stories of stairs,
10 push ups,
Run down,
4 25#DB Swings
10 25# DB Pushpresses
10 25#DB Power Cleans


At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007