Role of the Marine Martial Arts Instructor/Instructor Trainer

A MAI/MAIT is the direct link to the battalion/squadron commanding officer for MCMAP techniques, synergizing the mental, character, and combative disciplines of MCMAP to imbed Marines with the ability to make ethical decisions on and off the battlefield, developing a combat fitness program for the battalion/squadron, establishing programs to allow Marines the opportunity to overcome their fears, and to advise the senior enlisted Marine and commanding officer on how to best integrate MCMAP training into the unit's training schedule. Integrating MCMAP into not only physical training sessions but in all evolutions of training in order to sustain what the Marine has learned and to further the Marines' skills. The tie-ins or the mental and character classes add immense credibility to the program. Some Marines are still not living up to our ethical standards so it is imperative you consistently stress the importance of the tie-ins. As a MAI/MAIT, you should strive to 'inspire' your Marines to train in MCMAP by being out in front of the training and participating in the same MCMAP training they are undergoing. A MAI/MAIT should continually seek self-improvement, not only for yourself, but for your Marines as well. Continually enhance our warrior spirit by becoming an arms carrying professional.
· Are you being or becoming?
· Are you the hunted or hunting?
The MAIT should focus a great deal on mentoring the Martial Arts Instructors (MAI) in the unit. This is to ensure the MAI is carrying out his/her duties in a mature manor and has established a solid training program allowing Marines the opportunity to further their martial arts skills, both mentally and physically. The MAIT should view MCMAP as a reflection of our warrior ethos and tie belt advancement to PME, our warrior ethos, ethics, the senior enlisted Marine's recommendation, the commanding officer's recommendation, and to practice MCMAP throughout one's career as a lifelong student of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.
When a MAIT sees a Marine with a MCMAP belt, the MAIT internally knows the Marine is not only skilled in MCMAP but the Marine has earned the belt and is a good ethical leader spiritually connected to his/her fellow Marines. The epitome of a MARINE!! Being a MAI/MAIT is not a badge but a huge responsibility to train and lead our Marines to do the right thing, for the right reason, in the right way.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007