The National Capitol Region is a BIG place.

Still working out at Ft Meade mainly, still taking Krav Maga & BJJ in Rockville. Still CrossFitting everywhere and anywhere I can.
Tonight was another torturous roll in BJJ followed by KM. This AM was a 6-9 am MCMAP Gray Belt class.
Gotta love it!


Where there's a will....

Strength and Honor.
What's more important than key principles in life, principles by which one can live their life both wholey and fully?

Back on the treadmill for a 5k after close to two weeks off for a pulled groin muscle.
26:04 for me, 2.5k for Tiffany in 20:30
Wondrous. Inactivity makes me feel a mess.


Wifey can CF too

CFWU (15 for me, 7 for Tiffany)
Followed by a modified WOD:
3x for time:
400m sprint/21 push presses
John: ~9:30
Tiffany (yes, indeed): 12:55

Not quite as fast as one could sprint to tickets for a Backstreet reunion or anything, but hey, effort must reflect reward....

Her comments reflect a desire for change and physcial fitness. I can only help and encourage. Its good to have her along for the ride now.


Inactivity is the enemy, over training is its ally.

I keep hurting myself.
Two potentially serious setbacks occured this week. Waking in pain this week I broke down and saw the U.S. Navy's finest at Bethesda NNMC this wednesday. The good Doc practices jiu jitsu and MMA, so he pointed me in the direction of some R>I>C>E and anti-inflammatories for bursitis in my right knee. He also prescribed some proper stretches and muscle relaxers for muscle spasms in my neck. It seems that I take everything just a little farther than the body can handle. The spirit is willing but the flesh, como siempre, is weak.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007