Where have I been?
Could I have possibly not worked out in over two weeks?
No, but I can possibly forget to log my workouts for more than that long.
I am still in pursuit of varied, functional workouts executed at high intensity. The Marines are still demanding. My 3 mile run is consistently back under 20 minutes for the first time in about 5 years (at least). 20 pull ups is no longer an impossibility. I am mentally preparing myself for a 300 PFT.
Martial Arts:
My Jiu Jitsu training is progressing: recently I was awarded my 2nd stripe for the white belt. I've been focusing mainly on Jiu Jitsu and MCMAP (last week I finished teaching a two week Tan belt course). Our MAIT tells me I am ready to start training towards Brown Belt Instructor. However, my Krav Maga time has dwindled to nothing. I've gone to KM 2x since making Level 2 in July.
I am making every effort not to overtrain. Despite having the time, and I do usually work out twice a day if one includes martial arts class, 3x if you include the days I teach. I am trying to be in tune with the body's limits. A two on, one off, two on, two off schedule for CF WODs has shown good returns.
Are any of us any closer really? I've been returning to some classic early reading. The good stuff, nothing fancy. Starship Troopers, Gates of Fire, MCDP-1 Warfighting, MCDP-2 Intelligence. I've also started reading Path to the Black Belt and I'm working to finish my Amphibious Warfare Phase 1 MCI. All that one can do is reach for the knowledge the world avails to us all. The only true shame lies in not trying.

Enough for now.

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