Supposed rest days...

Supposedly I take est days, herein I transcribe the rest I took this Wednesday:
12 noon: BJJ for about an hour then:
21,15,9 for time of:
95# pushpresses,
thai kicks, alternating legs
2 punch combo to heavy bag
6 pm: I come in to find that someone had decided the above workout was "easy" and changed it to the below, which he did in 10:20, somewhat daunted and tired I nevertheless completed his adjusted WOD:
21,15, 9 for time of
95# push presses,
Jumping lunges,
push ups,
air squats:
4:19, hmmmnnn, his 10:20, my 4:19 after the above.... which was 'easy' you ask: neither.
The above preceded 1 hour of Krav Maga level 2 after about a month off, I find myself forgetting level 1 moves. Inexcusable.

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