Sunday 060527

3x1minute of jump rope, mini CFWU:
jumping jacks
Back Extensions
Sit Ups

5 Rounds : 10,8,6,4,2 of...
35#DB Bench Press
50#DB Deadlift
24# DB Clean

5x15# Waiters walk each arm
5x15# waiters walk w/25# famer's walk
5x 50# farmers walk

5x5: Wheel roll-outs/Foot to Hand Ball Passes


Friday 060526

Overhead Squat 5,5,5,5,5
Post loads

I used DBs for this, going light so I can hit another WOD later...
Warm Up: 20 BE, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Sit Ups, Samson Stretches
15x5,25x5,30x5,35x5,40-failed: couldn't hold it at bottom of squat, 25x5
Then did 5#DBx25, and elastic band Sots Presses x25

Wednesday 060524

Five rounds for time of:
95 pound Sumo deadlift high-pull, 12 reps
12 Ring dips

It's good to finally have rings.
I used 65# for SDLHPs, but they were unbroken sets. Cannot say the same about ring dips: 1st unbroken, 2&3 done 2x6, 4 done 3x4, last done 4,3,3,2. Followed by: 5x 1 handed snatch w/25# DB, 5x clean and press (w/2 25's), 5x goblet squat w/50# DB, 5x deadlift (w/2 50's), then 5x5 KTEs


Tuesday 060523

I fell of the main page, not getting to log in my 'Fran' before it fell from the front page at CFHQ....
1 hour Krav Maga an hour and a half before hitting...
3 rounds of 21,15,9
70 lb Thruster & Pull-Ups
followed by...
5x30 second rounds of heavy bag straight flurries


Sunday 060521

Ever feel like neglecting to blog is like bad parenting?
Or maybe I'm nutty...

Failed to record this week's adventures.
RECAP: Some workouts with my brothers, some Krav Maga, some jetskis.
Not even kidding.


Monday 060515

Do I even need to mention I'm still behind the WOD?
Thursday 060511


For time:
Snatch 135 pounds, 30 reps
Use 95 pounds, 65 pounds or broomstick as needed and post time and load to comments.

I had to adapt a little, no bar today...
30xDB snatch w/each hand instead
10w/40#,10x/30#,10w/25# 6:25
150ft 50#db farmer's walk
150ft 25#db waiters walk each hand
10 minute treadmill walk, max incline


Sunday 060512

From Saturday 060513

For time:

10 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
1 Weighted pull-up
9 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
2 Weighted pull-ups
8 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
3 Weighted pull-ups
7 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
4 Weighted pull-ups
6 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
5 Weighted pull-ups
5 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
6 Weighted pull-ups 4
4 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
7 Weighted pull-ups
3 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
8 Weighted pull-ups
2 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
9 Weighted pull-up
1 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
10 Weighted Pull-ups
Use 25, 45, or 65 pound dumbbells. Use one of the C&J dumbbells as the load for the weighted pull-ups. Placing the dumbbell between legs crossed at the ankles works very well.
Post load and time to comments.
had to vary this one a little:
CFWUx3 then...
1 arm DB snatch 30# & 15# weighted pull-up.
~10 minutes


Friday 120506

Days are quickly moving away again. I'm gonna start adding my BJJ & KM classes so I remember if I did anything more than sit on my ass in a day when I look back...
Catching up, three days behind now but I'm sure I'll slip back more soon.
Wednesday 060510
Back Squat 5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.

Me today...
5xFront Squat, 5xOHS, 5x BS for warm up w/Oly Bar
115x5,145x3,165x3,185x3,195,205 but not quite below parallel, so dropped it to 165(my body weight)for 3
5x5 KTEs
Tried to do practice moving from candlestick to standing, managed 3 before no gas left...

Then about an hour later...
1 hour KM class


Tuesday 060509

Still catching up....

Sunday 060507

Deadlift 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Started higher than last time, finished lower...
should I be focusing more on form than weight?
KTE 10,8,6,4,2


Monday 060507

Still playing catch-up w/WOD, but closing in!
from Friday 060503

Five rounds of:
5 Dumbbell deadlifts
5 Dumbbell hang cleans
5 Dumbbell push presses
5 Dumbbell squats

Increase the load each round. Rest as necessary between rounds.

0945 EST

started where I knew I'd be able to handle the weight at the end & BJJ class 3 hrs later...
awesome workout! Probably could've gone higher earlier...


Sunday 060506

Didn't get down to CFDC like I'd planned, but I got my wife to do a CrossFit-style workout. 1st EVER! Had to improvise in the apartment building fitness room.
5 minute walk on max incline treadmill & CFWU,
3x10 straight through for time:
Broad Jump(4ft/2&1/2ft)
After I did 10 40# deadlift, 2 laps 25# farmer walk, 2x20# waiters walk...


Friday Cinco de Mayo 2006

Catching up slowly but surely...
Wednesday 060503
Ten rounds for time of:
10 Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips

kicked my butt, I love the rings but they kick my butt...
and I had to switch to jumping dips after 2&1/2 rnds,
had to switch to body row on rings after 3&1/2 rds of pull-ups.


ok, catching up to the WOD of the Day... still a few behind
Tuesday 060502
Four rounds for time of:

20 pound Medicine ball cleans, 20 reps
100 ft Walking lunge
45 pound One arm dumbbell snatch, right arm, 10 reps
45 pound One arm dumbbell snatch, left arm, 10 reps

2min jumprope & 3xCFWU
Mods: 6# Ball (all I got), 25# DB
Followed tonight w/1 hour Krav Maga class... AWESOME! SIGN ME UP!


Wednesday 060503

Still catching up on WOD, here's one from:
Saturday 060429
Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Warm Up w/Oly Bar 5x OHS, 5xFS, 5xBS
50x18inch Box Jump
50 Lateral Jumps over Oly Bar


Tuesday 060502

Trying to catch up WODs, this beauty from Monday 060501:

1 mile run with the dog & 3xCFWU for starters..
Subbed alot, almost to the point of my own personal program. Three rounds of Lil 'Ellie:
.25 mile treadmill run
15x25# DB swing
12x50# DB SDLHP
11:55 time
Followed by 25x20#DB PushPress
3 laps around gym w/25#Farmer's Walk
3 X around w/30XDB Waiters Walk (each hand)
1lap Farmer's Walk @50#, 1 @40#,1@30#,1@20#,4@10#


Monday 060501

WOD from CFHQ of Friday 060428
Three rounds for time of:
Clean 135 pounds, 15 reps
21 Double unders

Subbed 20# DBs, no bar...
Did 42 single unders, not coordinated enough for doubles, hardly coordinated enough for singles...
Around 6&1/2 minutes, didn't bring a watch today...

Followed with 10x25#DB push press, 10x50#DB deadlift and 5 minute cool down walking on treadmill w/5#DB alternating farmers walk/waiters walk for 5 minutes.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007