Days Three through Now...

The U.S. Marine Corps turned 230 years this past November 10th.
Happy Birthday to all current and former Marines.
The website is still suffering some delays, but I have continued to train with Crossfit via CFHQ at www.crossfit.com
I made some parallettes out of PVC last week for L-sits and HSPUs. They are awesome but my dog seems to think they are little dog hurdles.
I began a MCMAP tan belt course yesterday, so some MA, calisthenics, speed bag and sandbag drills follow the workday in the PM.

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CF Jarhead said...

Oh, and Did Fran today:
65# Thrusters & Pull-ups
with the CFWO x2 (1/2 dips & pu's)

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007