Forgetting to post

A lot.

Today, not for time, but only because I forgot my phone.

600m run
50 hang power clean @105
400m run
30 hpc
200m run
20 hpc



At the home box,
Emom10, 5 butterfly pull ups
Emom10, 3 strict ring digs
Emom10, 1 strict pull up on rogue cannonballs
Emom10, 5 true push ups
Riding the spin bike between everything.
40 minutes of profuse sweathogging.


Today and yesterday, catch up

7x1 snatch, 155
4x4 OHS, 135, 165, 2x155
3xME, strict chin ups, bar dips, one count pause top and bottom
4rds, for time:
One arm thruster right 54lb KB x7
10 plyo push ups
One arm thruster left 54lb KBx7
10 GHD sit up


6 mile hike. Fuck that shit. Why.


Back at it

7x2 front squats
135, 165, 185, 200, 225, 230, 240
5x1 squat clean and split jerk
155, 170, 185, 200, 215
3x6 Pendlay rows @215
3 rds, every 3:00
250m row
10 burpees
10 push presses @115


Two today

3:00 per station
10m sled push w/135
Double unders
Dive Bomber push ups
65lb clean and thruster
2:00 rest, then repeat

Snatch, 10x1 to find a heavy for the day,
Made 165, 3x fail at 170
Then, 7x 1 snatch, 1 OHS, rest :20


Got lift?

On a wholey dissatisfied plane of existence in my training. Not weightlifting enough with CFFB, too many power cleans and not enough skill based work.

Switching it up is one of my main faults, but it is time again.

4x2 snatches, 1e5, 140, 145 ,150
3x3  cleans all at 185
Then, 10 rounds of every :30, 1 clean and jerk at 170


And again

3x5 front squats @200
3x5 bench press @170

5 rounds,
10 strict GHD sit ups
5 strict knees to elbows

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007